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Teens Like It Big presents: Adriana Naveah in sweet like a lolli pop scene

Scene Title: Sweet Like A Lolli Pop

Storyline: Adriana was at the bus stop waiting for the bus when she started talking with Criss. Somehow she recognized him from somewhere. When the bus simply did not arrive , Criss and Adriana decided to go back to her place. Once she got there and Criss pulled his pants down, she knew she was in for trouble...

Teen: Adriana Naveah

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What people are saying about: Adriana Naveah - Sweet Like A Lolli Pop teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

Adriana does look rather plain in this video. Too bad--I've seen her looking really hot in some other stuff that I've seen her done. Perhaps the Brazzer's makeup artist called in sick on the day this was shot. And if Adriana isn't bodacious enough to make it in porn like some are saying, then she can move in with me and suck and fuck on my lollipop in exchange for rent!

Comment #2

I have no idea why this is rated so much lower than the other scenes. It wasn't great, but it wasn't awful either. At least the setup started someplace other than the bedroom. And I don't think Adriana isn't as busted as some people think. But she is by no means great looking. I think the both of them are fuckin retarded, have the never heard of a CANDY CANE? They BOTH called it a lollipop. Morons. The sex was lame - she didn't do shit, no skills at all. Criss did all the work and earned his check here. At least she sucked it after he whipped it out, instead of acting "in-awe" of its size for 20 minutes like every other scene on Teenslikeitbig.

Comment #3

I wasn't feeling this scene at all. The girl's face isn't THAT awful, but her body is pretty damn pathetic, I must say. I agree with dude who said just keep bringing Lexi Belle back!! She was by far the hottest thing that's graced this site, and you may as well rename it Lexi Belle Likes It Big and update with her every single week. She was cute as hell, and if you can't offer anything remotely near that...then you just needa do a scene with her every week!!

Comment #4

I'm not really into this girl. The only decent thing about her is her ass. I thought the scenario was poorly done, it obviously didn't take ny skill to come up with. Probably the stupidest scenario I've seen on Brazzers, although the Forrest Gump spoof hasn't been released yet, so that may change. I thought the sex was decent, sick of seeing Criss too. Not only is he in almost all of the TLIB scenes, but he's been in just about every other scene on Brazzer's lately. And if he does guys, stop using him all together. I don't want my favorite pornstars sucking a dick that guys suck and fuck. 6/10

Comment #5

The ratings on this are too low, but when compared to the 'much hotter' chicks on the brazzers site, it seems to be the right score. She's not a hotty, but she took the dick like a champ! Ive seen other chicks that are smokin hot getting smashed, but could only take half of Chris. This scene was alright, but not the best Ive seen. I love to watch this little chicks get their insides rearranged. More, more, more! And the IBTC isnt that bad, as long as the chick is either cute or has a NICE, FAT ass!

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