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Scene Title: A teeny-totter born to take it.

Storyline: Ally only puts her mouth were pussy can back her up. Shot after shot she takes one and another. She's drunk, she's stoked, a little out of focus. She's horny, she feels her way around. Ally Ann runs into a cock, feels how hard it is. Her desire takes hold of her, putting mind over matter. Ally is about to get fucked as she unzips a pair of made in America denim jeans.

Teen: Ally Ann

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What people are saying about: Ally Ann - A teeny-totter born to take it. teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

dave1994 said: Glad to see brazzers is putting some pretty girls on this site instead of those silicon boobed bitches with fat butts. This chick is cute. Keep up the good work Brazzers. Keep these kind of girls coming for TLIB site.

Comment #2

MissSnoogans said: That's cool they are jammin to the song that Stephanie Cane and Brynn Tyler introduced in their teens like it big scene. Ally has got dazzling eyes and delicate beauty. She's got to do something with that hair though. Anyone that sucks cock like she's playing a harmonica has got skills. Even a tear went down her cheek for her effort. Her riding skills aren't bad but could improve. Nice amount of piledriver action. The best was doggy and the T-bone. I liked doggy cause her knees were together and that's not seen often. He was just nailin her with the T-bone. Still had plenty of energy after an eye shot facial and cleaned up that cock afterward. Snoogans!

Comment #3

rioman69 said: the pics are better than the video. LOL. not kidding. in fact, what happened to all the great pics that used to accompany each set? now there is only like 15 pages and there use to be like 30. they cut out a lot now. (but great pic set here)

Comment #4

asspirate said: It is about time we see a truly fresh face with a hot body! Great ass and even better attitude. Stick a set of C cups in this hottie and you have a winner for a long time to come. If nothing else, she doesn't look like the typical muffin-top "Supersize Me" nightmares filling the streets (and brazzers new posts) lately. A fuck-slut with the discipline to back away from the table. Now if we could just get her in a set of white stockings and classy heels...

Comment #5

dafada3 said: nice fresh pink pussy for once!

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