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Scene Title: Other Payment Methods

Storyline: Allyssa hired the ZZ moving company to help her move to her new house. When the moving guy's done bringing all her shit inside and asks for payment, she'll have to improvise 'cause there ain't no money in that wallet... ZZ moving co. takes credit, debit cash or pussy!!

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What people are saying about: Allyssa Hall - Other Payment Methods teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

ongaku1 said: Yeah, this woman is seriously HOT! I think the alluring and attractive part about her (besides looking SO young) is that she reminds me of the girl next door. Or a college girl i had met at the bar. REALISTIC! She's def. hot!! Bring us more scenes with her if she's available!

Comment #2

BiggzDaJuggalo said: Wow, this girl is smokin hot... The rash on her butt kinda freaked me out for a second, but once i got past that, i really enjoyed this teens like it big scene. Allyssa Hall rides a dick like no other, i love it. And I cant fucking believe he double fish-hooked her! I was laughing may ass off. I'd have to agree with ksaderfaki though... A sequel with her "mom" would be awesome... perhaps Ricki Raxxx?

Comment #3

Strider12471 said: Maybe she needs a guy with an average size dick to make all the stuff on MaryJayne's wishlist come true? Some of these "teen" chicks don't do well with big dicks at all, which can make the scene go from an 8 to a 6 in a hurry!

Comment #4

MissSnoogans! said: This teens like it big scene was a straight up tease. She was talking mad shit on the phone about anal and swallowing. Then Jordan finds that huge ass dildo but it's never used. She didn't get fucked in the ass and barely got cum in her mouth. I'm not hating on either one of the performers. I was just expecting to see alot more going by the script and it didn't even come close. The sex was fine but didn't want to see another mish at the end. Snoogans!

Comment #5

buckaroo said: David - I agree that this chick is hot. She LOVES the fucking she's getting and she's got a smokin' bod. I'm only giving this an 8 though because I am so fucking sick of all these chicks calling guys things like "dumbass" in these vids. It's like the producers here think we all get off on being put down. Some of you may love it when a girl slams you, but it takes me longer to get past the fact that she's just acting and really enjoy what she's doing.

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