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Scene Title: Not Well Received

Storyline: Ashli had dressed up young and innocent for her boyfriend Ralph, but Ralph didn't like it at all. He told her to change before they went out. Now Ralph's friend Will has a total different opinion , he thinks she looks super cute and she knows she wants his huge cock...

Teen: Ashli Orion

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What people are saying about: Ashli Orion - Not Well Received teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

Well, sincerelly I love teens like that. And she acts like her paper. The site is Teens Like it Big, so why people come here to say that hate skinny girls and bla bla bla? Man! I'd like she was my girlfriend. Seriously. DougCaraffini

Comment #2

I actually didn't understand wtf was going on when the lead singer from Smash Mouth walked in, I had to go back and read the description. This girl was alright. I like her phat ass but again, don't mind the small titties, just not weird titties, and hers are weird. What was up with her smelling his dick? I like her the dirt-talk, and Smash Mouth did a decent job too. I also think Ralph should have walked in on them and chase Smash Mouth out of the room, similar to Dick Nasty chasing Ralph out the window in the scene with Nika Noire.

Comment #3

Wow. Did they just drag this chick in from off the street? LOOK AT HER KNEES. lol. She looks like someone LITERALLY grabbed her by her hair and drag her for 2 city blocks. I mean, I dont mind watching when some of these dudes bang these chicks and slap their asses until they turn beet-red, see thats cool. But chicks that are already beat up before the scene even starts???! Thats a no-no.. I can sense brazzers developing a new site from this scene... All jokes aside, the scene was okay...

Comment #4

I actually thought the teens like it big scene was pretty good. The scenario was good, Ashli's attitude and personality was hot. I liked how she was a little goofy, it made it better, and like MaryJane said, she's got some bounce in that booty! I also agree that Ralph should have walked in at the end. I'd love to see Ashli back for more. 8/10

Comment #5

Not a bad setup but changing clothes story was lame. I know she isn't Arizona hot but who cares. She delivered one helluva scene. The dude was a really annoying in doggy. Not sure what was up with the camera work either. The peek-a-boo shot when in cowgirl. WTF? Someone needed an ass beating for that shit. She was alittle goofy but it made the scene hotter to me. She even has junk in the trunk. Ending would have been better after Ralph said his line and walked in. I tell know what's "Not Well Received" was the low rating for Ashli. 2 erect nips, Snoogans!

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