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Teens Like It Big presents: Teen slut fucking the ice cream truck drivers hard dick

Scene Title: Mount me in your ice cream truck sir

Storyline: A young athletic lady by the name Ashli Orion is enjoying an afternoon jog when she spots the ice cream truck in the distance. The ice cream man is a young handsome fellow trying to get enough money for a 1973 Corvette. Ashli has her beautiful blue eyes set on a cocksicle but sadly enough the ice cream man forgot to make them and decides to feed her something much bigger and more soothing than she could ever dream of.

Teen: Ashli Orion

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What people are saying about: Ashli Orion - Mount me in your ice cream truck sir teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

fawkface1 said: This was a damn good teens like it big scene. She was all sweaty. How many scenes do we see when the chick is sweaty? Ashli was all over Johnny's cock like she hadn't eaten for days. You know the chick is getting a damn good pounding when he eyes roll back into her head. I've said it before and say it again. Johnny Sins - The Destroyer of Pussies.

Comment #2

h2oboi5312 said: Brazzers finally added more of Ashli. The cute ones are always the ones who are ignored... Big tits and ass aren't always all that. A cute petite little frame like Ashli's are always preferred! Hell, I'll fuck that and then some!!!

Comment #3

Shanew1435 said: Creative narrative! I don't think I have viewed a scene that took place in an ice cream truck before...good stuff! Chick could be hotter but she really is convincing in how much she wants the d. Johnny Sins is always a great guy for any scene.

Comment #4

MissSnoogans said: Make'em say nah na nah. Shout out the the Ice Cream Man Percy Miller. Where was an extra trying to score some weed at? These two weren't on the same page acting wise. I couldn't even imagine watching this if it weren't porn. I'm a fan of Ashli's and she's one bad ass chick. She sucks cock like it's so fucking natural. Seriously go watch teen on here with less than two scene and more than likely she terrible with the bowl of head. I know inside that truck had to be cramped but damn the camera work was so shitty. If it weren't for doggy out of the truck this might have been a waste. Way too many up-close facial expression shots. She tried to fuck the wheels off that truck in cowgirl. The last position should of had her ass hang off the freezer instead of regular mish. Damn she took two blasts of cum to the same eye. Now that's Snoogans!

Comment #5

daviddag12 said: she is fucking hot , only thing i was mad at is that they didn't show off her sexy ass in this tiny shorts , everything about her is fucking hot

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