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Teens Like It Big presents: Teen Chick sees masturbater in porn section and fucks him after

Scene Title: Brazzers Video

Storyline: Welcome to Brazzers Video, where customer satisfaction is our number one priority! If you're suddenly horny, just have one of our clerks fuck you in the adult section!!! See what our satisfied customer Billy Glide had to say!!!

Teen: Audrianna Angel

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Network Site: Brazzers

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What people are saying about: Audrianna Angel - Brazzers Video teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

baulkoboy said: Nice to see a cute girl with itty bitty tits. She does some nice doggy style work! Billy Glide though... I am sick of seeing him! I don't mind seeing good looking guys with with big dicks but he isn't good looking and his acting sucks!

Comment #2

BigLRock said: She needs practice, with her acting! She's got nice legs, I'll give her that, ass is pretty alright too! The teens like it big scene setting is good, first time, I've seen this kind of background from zz, the startup for this one, was not believable, a woman seeing a dude with his meat out in a video store, would run, and notify the police. That wasn't bad though, the bad stuff was, why the hell was the camera on her face, while she was undressing, the angles were poor also, and the action in this, try again zz!

Comment #3

MissSnoogans! said: As I watched this teens like it big scene all I could see was the camera on the wrong end. Like at the beginning when Audrianna was bent over. The camera waited until the last minute to get a behind shot. Yeah we know what he is staring at but we wanna see too. I liked how Porn Science and European Psycho was involved. I also think the reaction time should be quicker if she wanting a big cock. Billy turns around and shows the thick dick. She needs to lock the door. The scene was pretty much a bust. Too much focus on her face for me. The best position was the modified reverse cowgirl/doggy. I mean it was good until it went back to her face. "Like It Big" sites should focus more on the penetration. Snoogans!

Comment #4

ScarletPimpernel said: I don't know who is responsible for setting up the location, but bravo. That's a real video store, not some dopey display background on a porn set that I've seen other companies use. The girl isn't my top choice, but that's a hell of a scene setup. More please...

Comment #5

Angelus4376 said: Oh my God, he's gonna kill her...

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