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Scene Title: Big Brother

Storyline: Keiran keeps scaring away all of his sister's friends. His sister knows that one of her friends is tired of small cock and she wants the big stuff. She decides to invite this girl over to try out her brother's cock. Audrianna realized she was over her head when the cock was bigger then her arm...but she still took it like a champ and loved every minute!

Teen: Audrianna Angel

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What people are saying about: Audrianna Angel - Big Brother teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

High551 said: Wonderful lady but she is hardly able to move when the dude go into his braindead high speed nut sack flapping BHP fuck mode (Bang, Hammer, Pound). And the shithead is in nearly every scene these days. But of course, the sorry SOB is in it for his own pleasure, as he is not able in any way to make the ladies look good. And they are the sexy ones, not this caveman BHP nonsense. He is not able to smile or relax in any way at all. The viagra has taken full control, turning him into a real shitkicking asshole.

Comment #2

iloveporn365 said: i think that Audrianna cant fuck for shit!!!! whether down to bad directing or jus that she is a shit lay this scene was bad! but im an english girl and love keiran, i find his accent so sexy as he is surrounded by americans, keiran you make us english look dam good!!!!

Comment #3

robb201 said: Wow, this is one cute chick. Nice teen booty on her, it should only grow to be an even better booty overtime. The scenario was fucking weird. I have to agree with MaryJane on this one. What fucking sister hooks her friends up with her brother? Or even knows what their brother is packin? This scenario was obviously thought of by some lazy people because it was just plain sloppy. The sex was decent, not great. I don't think these two had the best chemistry together. She's cute though, wouldn't mind seeing more of her. Overall, an average teens like it big scene. 7/10.

Comment #4

MissSnoogans! said: I don't have any brothers or sisters but I know damn well I wouldn't be hooking my brother up with pussy. Where's the gross! I don't care if my brother has a huge cock. This would have been the scene for the I heard from Hailey that Marie said Ralph saw Keiran in the locker room and he is packin. Oh well just a suggestion. I really hate hearing the camera noises in the background. I also didn't like knowing that Keiran was frustrated with her in doggy. The director just let the shit go instead of getting her in the correct position. That's just sloppy and lazy. Snoogans!

Comment #5

katie11 said: i'll have to give audrianna some credit that she deserves. any girl that fuck kerian's big dick and take sa facial like that deserves some credit. i wasn't blown away by this teens like it big scene but this girl deserves some kudoz for fucking hot stud kerian. audrianna we have so called pornstars (like memphis monroe) that can't take money shots like that. kerian you know i love watching fuck!

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