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Scene Title: My Ice Cream Cone brings all the boys to my Yard

Storyline: Jordan is on the loose and looking for a new prey in the park and finds little, innocent Audrianna licking an ice-cream cone. Little did Jordan know, that innocent girl is not so innocent and that it was just a ploy for her to get hot guys and suck on something else other than an ice cream cone.

Teen: Audrianna Angel

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What people are saying about: Audrianna Angel - My Ice Cream Cone brings all the boys to my Yard teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

yumyum2009 said: I don't think skinny teens should have huge boobs as it would take away some of the realism of this particular genre. I do love massive b00bs however as long as they're NATURAL not plastic fantastic. Her bosoms suit her body shape nicely.

Comment #2

amuroray32 said: Wow, this girl has a seriously beautiful face. Typically small breasts are down low on my preferences list, but I didn't even mind, she's so attractive. I guess she doesn't have "Angel" in her name just for show..

Comment #3

MissSnoogans! said: Jordan is so fucking silly. He cracks me up every now and then. One thing that I liked about Audrianna is that she actually goes for the look of a teen. Like seriously almost not even legal looking. I didn't care much for the story though Jordan made it funny. She always seems to try for the gold when giving head. What was up with him doing the okay hand signal while she started to ride? I like how Jordan does his Tony Manero stance then goes into his sumo stance in piledriver. Her moans made me feel like she lost interest. Therefore it was over for me. Snoogans!

Comment #4

breakinbenaddict said: I agree. Her feet were quite below average. Because that's definitely why I signed up for this site. Feet. Yep. Who cares about tits, ass, or pussy. I'm in it for the feet. hahahahahaha sigdogg just stop

Comment #5

porn_poster said: she is so hot and i just love all her scenes. asian girls rock! and also russians damn there a freak in the bed haha.

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