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Scene Title: Teen Heart Throb

Storyline: Britney just won a radio contest and now she gets to spend a day with her all time favorite celebrity: Keiran Lee. Some girls from the neighborhood hear about this but Britney knows how big Keiran's cock is and won't share it for the world. Once she's alone with Keiran. she persuades him to fuck her by talking about some compromising

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What people are saying about: Britney Amber - Teen Heart Throb teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

Horney3 said: Since these studs get more ass than a toilet seat they can ride (fuck) almost forever. Hvaing a pretty face along with aa great body to look at while doing the screwing makes the "job" even easier.

Comment #2

BiV_aka_funkdoc said: Kind of a lame story, but the extras made it entertaining, especially with the signs they had. I'll agree with everyone else; Britney's performance was much better this time around, even throwing in a little dirt-talk. MJ is right, Keiran kinda took it easy on her as I was looking for more of a pounding, but this was still some hot shit, and she has a gorgeous little pussy, which is a big turn-on. I also want to know who the brunette was, very attractive girl. Can you guys get her in a scene?

Comment #3

edster1 said: Well it is so nice to see an actual body on this site I was starting to think that no teens actually had breasts. It is long over due to see a real pair of tits instead of just nipples on here. Really I don't know why the people say little tits it should be no tits or just nipples for most of these chicks. Thanks

Comment #4

Nemesis37 said: Ya, I'm just gonna second what everyone said. I think I wrote on your first teens like it big scene that it was good, but you had the potential to be amazing. Well, my suspicions were correct, you are well on your way, this scene was excellent. Much improved from the first scene, which was solid itself. Honestly, I don't know why people are asking who the other two chicks were. If I was Keiran, and showed up to that, I wouldn't have even asked who Britney was, I would have just taken you into the house.

Comment #5

katie11 said: as i said in britney's first scene with justin, this girl has mad potential. she looks so much like jesse jane. if we had a most improved award britney would qualify because she improved dramatically from her first scene. she showed more enthiusiasm and appeared to really enjoy kerians long hot dick. the rc was mad hot because it showcased her tight curvy body and kerians pole. britney provided some decent dick sucking and p2m wich was nice. kerian you know i love your long dick and that was a very nice facial you delivered. briteny kudoz to dropping to your knees for the facial but next time you need to lick or suck on that dick after the cumshot (guys love it and you are a "pornstar"). britney looked more comfortable in front of the camera in this scene (look whose hot dick she had)!!! brazzers a very solid scene from britney and this girl has a bright future after she fucks a few more big dicks. would love to see ramon or ben english have a shot at her.

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