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Teens Like It Big presents: Brittany Angel fucks the last vote she needs to win the election

Scene Title: Vote For Brittany!

Storyline: Brittany's running for class president and she seems to be tied with her opponent. She learns there is only one person left to vote and that person is Billy Glide. She'll do ANYTHING to get that vote, even get a monstrous cock in her tight pussy!

Teen: Brittany Angel

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What people are saying about: Brittany Angel - Vote For Brittany! teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

Strider12471 said: I like this chick...Brittany Angel. Like that she's natural, she knows how to fuck! Loved the doggie, she knew how to back that thing up right into Billy's dick! The plot was a little out there, Billy's too old for any HS scene were he's a student. I'd like to see this girl get another scene in teens like it big, she's one of the few that can actually pass as a "teen" and fuck like a pornstar. Gotta give it a 8!

Comment #2

MissSnoogans! said: Billy is too old looking to play a guy in high school. Nothing against Billy but come on. I know that Brittany Angel doesn't have the looks of some of the other chicks that have been on teens like it big. However she fucks way better that 85% of them too. She fucks so good she should have already been on this site twice. Also one of Billy's better performances too. Only took him with about three minutes left before he was about to blow his load. Yeah he still had a few pauses but not near as bad in his past scenes. Seriously whether it was on the bench or the floor, she rode the fuck out of that huge cock. The doggy was good too until it got close to the end. Another missed facial by Billy. Plenty of towels were around if you smell what I'm cookin. I didn't mind the ending. Cooler ending if he would of used to his vote to fuck Christina. Snoogans!

Comment #3

akwidrxB said: Yes! Pretty, natural, their not hard as a rock tits and not cut up more than a patients wrist on suicide watch! Keep the natural girls coming BRAZZERS, we've had enought of the 48FF tits.

Comment #4

Kinoda1 said: Yeah...uhhh...I got nothing against Billy, but me thinks he should've been playing the principal or someone who counts the votes or something.

Comment #5

laced1986 said: agreed, he should have said, let me fuck you in the ass, then you get my vote . s

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