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Teens Like It Big presents: Brynn Tyler in big brother love scene

Scene Title: Big Brother Love

Storyline: Brynn is just absolutely fed up with her boyfriend. He's an asshole and to top it all off...he's got a small dick!!So she just had to break it off with him. His brother, Ramon passes by to pick up his stuff from her house because the two can't stand to look at each other. Brynn gets to talking with Ramon and comes to realize that the big brother is exactly that...big!She doesn't hold back at this point, she goes after what she's been longing for and missing!Ramon had her cumming like crazy,shes never been fucked like that!

Teen: Brynn Tyler

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What people are saying about: Brynn Tyler - Big Brother Love teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

Brynn - You're a total Brazzers star cause your not just sexy and dirty but you're a brilliant actress too. Now get through you're whole porn career without doing anal. Promise me. Don't let them ruin your little butt. We love to see that little starfish sure, we like to see it licked and fingered. But we don't want it destroyed babe - Not with those guys! - (now if it was a needle dick like me - just once maybe - you would probably be ok)

Comment #2

i know ive got a panty fetish, but when she's going down on him and the camera guy pulls back and shows her on her knees with those cute things on, HOLY CHRIST! I took care of things then more than i did during the actual sex.

Comment #3

This was another good setup for TeensLikeitBig. There is something about Brynn that I wasn't digging, but it wasn't her performance cuz she put on a great show. But if she said "it's so huge" one more time I woulda smashed my monitor. I totally agree with the 1st 3 points BOYS_dela2 makes a couple of comments down. This Ramon cat is a great performer, but the sweat is somewhat gross, and until his English is better, try to not have him talk so much. But like I said, hes a good performer compared so some of the other tools we see here sometimes. She got a rubber chicken for Valentine's Day? hahaha

Comment #4

The Idea of Teens with small Titties fucking Big Cocks is Great(I like it) but there are so many little Things wrong: -In all the Scenes the Teasing part where the Girls touch,caress the Cocks is way too long.Y'all need to cut it short but not too short. -The Site name is Teens like It Big but it looks like Teens try It Big 'cause they're(the Girls) acting like it they first time to fuck a Big Cock. -The Blow Jobs are not Good,they need to suck it like in Pornstars like it big or milfs like it big.The blow Jobs look like again that they're tryin' big cocks. Don't give me wrong,all the Girls in the Site by far are Beautifuls with nice bodies and like I said The Idea is good but if y'all work on those little Things,I think It'll be perfect. -The Pictures:Sometimes You're taking some pretty Fuck up Pictures like the Ones in this Scenes.I don't know if the Guy behind the Camera was drunk or High but he did a really bad job on the Pictures.Lot of blury Pics,...And the Numbers of Pics are way too much(1000 somethin' Pics with lot of them that look alike).You don't need to put the bad ones in like in this Scene. And the Colors of the Picscan you Pics with a color that look natural ?:Somtimes they're too white,sometimes they're red or brown. Brazzers Staff Y'all are doin' a Good Job by far,I like it but work on those Lil' thin'.

Comment #5

This chick is hot. Put her in a teens like it big scene with Shawna Lenee, anyone else see a slight resemblance between the two? I thought Brynn did a good job in this scene, the scenario was pretty good. The sex wasn't that great, wasn't really her fault though. This guy fucking sucks, where the fuck did you find that douche bag. Ihope I never see him again, but I can see he's already in next wee's TeensLikeitBig scene. If this guy is going to be in Brazzers scenes, please, for the love of god, bring back Charles Dera. As much as I hated htat guy, he is way better than this fucker. His accent was anonying as shit, he couldn't fuck worth a damn. Overall, a good scene unless you include him in you're rating. 7/10.

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