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Teens Like It Big presents: Brynn Tyler fucks the biggest cock shes ever seen

Scene Title: Flat Tire Fuck

Storyline: Brynn is bicycling when she suddenly gets a flat tire. Luckily, good Samaritan Jordan was driving by and happened to notice her trouble. He offers to bring her home but little does he know he's got a big cock craving teen in his passenger seat...

Teen: Brynn Tyler

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What people are saying about: Brynn Tyler - Flat Tire Fuck teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

ZZEurope24 said: Brynn is stunning. She has a great face and fantastic body. She really shows great energy when fucking too. More of her please Excellent teens like it big scene !

Comment #2

sgm3201 said: If you want us to believe, perhaps a little more clutter in the sterile house invironment. Teens need to be caught by irate mothers or fathers who can't resist the urge to join in. Or perhaps siblings who are always curious. Hot fuck standing up, I always found that position to be difficult, but they carried it well.

Comment #3

poochie6 said: Brazz, and Michaehome, were not in Japan how many girl reguardless of what school they go to don't wear Knee High sock,? Look around the streets, kindergardners, don't wear knee high socks, and Tennis shoes aren't Sexy, Sandals are, ask any woman if sock are sexy or her shoes. We don't need to dress a certian way to imply a certian AGE, and we all know what I mean, that why we have an imagination, just be real that what this site is for, REAL.. And none of us ask any girl their AGE, most not all of us just don't care, keep it real guy.

Comment #4

MissSnoogans! said: I liked how this teens like it big scene started even if Jordan sounded creepy. Two blazin hot parts kicked this scene off. The bowl head in the truck and the pussy eating in front of the house. The sex wasn't too bad. I mean for all the shit she was talking in the truck. I thought she was gonna bring it hard. Too bad he missed with that first shot. Damn shame this didn't end with her parents asking whose truck that is in the driveway. Snoogans!

Comment #5

michaelhome said: Oh my good, this scene is a real teaser. The trailer is so good with that fantastic and sexy sound. Brynn is so nice and sexy with those socks and shoes on. This scene is worth the membership fee.

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