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Scene Title: Game For Big Dick

Storyline: Chayse was having a pleasant afternoon playing hop scotch with her friend, that's when Criss interrupted her game. Although she wasn't upset when she let him play because she saw the size of his dick through his pants. The thing is with theses teens is that they love big cock but they are very shy.

Teen: Chayse Evans

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What people are saying about: Chayse Evans - Game For Big Dick teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

WOW.she took that big cock like she was supposed to she also sucked the shit out of his dick.And damn he had a lot of nutt in those balls looks like she loved the cumshower..

Comment #2

Nothing is worse than solo twister, but hopscotch is pretty bad. This girl Chayse looked awesome in her sweatsuit. The measuring of the dick with chalk never looked so awkward, but once they got down to it, I was super impressed. Chayse has some body on her; great ass, beautiful natural rack, then she goes & ruins it with that stupid shit on her shoulder, wtf?! No matter, I think Chayse fucked Criss, not the other way around. The doggy, spooning, and cowgirl she fucked better than a lot of the favorites on the network. I would love to see more of this chick.

Comment #3

Hopscotch? I know the setup was stupid. I mean what's next double dutch skipping? Alright fuck all that. This is the scene I have been talking about. Some chick getting buckwild and really taking the huge cock. Chayse did that perfectly. Grade A bowl of head from her. She got fucked good and hard and never backed down. The edit towards the end went badly. Criss has no aim when he cums. Good thing for him he's holding quite abit in his scrotum. 2 rock hard erect nips, Snoogans!

Comment #4

another hot installment of teenslikeitbig....This teens like it big scenes in my top 3 for sure of this site. Chayse is gorgeous and sexy !, ive never seen a hotter body and her tats are very hot. desperate to her in more scenes ! Thanks Brazzers !!

Comment #5

She is another toothpick... I was hoping Brazzers wouldnt sell out and go after little girls... I was wrong. Is every scene gonna be some little girl crying about how big it is... tired

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