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Teens Like It Big presents: Claudia Rossi fucks her friends dad big hard dick

Scene Title: In Search Of DILF

Storyline: Claudia was over at her friends house when the conversation turned into a discussion about DILFs. Her friend was shocked when Claudia said that she would do her. Once the opportunity came along, Claudia did not waste a second to get into her friends dad's pants and see if it's true that dads have big cocks. Boy , oh Boy was she right about this dad. Freaked out by the size at first but all willing to take it in afterwards...

Teen: Claudia Rossi

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What people are saying about: Claudia Rossi - In Search Of DILF teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

I don't care that Claudia has been in the biz. This was the best TLIB I've watched so far between the setup and the sex. She looked so hot with beater, and her g-string up & over the jeans like that; I love that look. The daughter was convincing and having the "Dilf" theme going on was really good. The sex was okay, but Claudia has a great ass and is super-cute. Finally nice to see a girl on TLIB who has small, but nice titties. Hope we see more of Claudia on Brazzers

Comment #2

Claudia is a stunner, But this teens like it big scene overall is disappointing. Why is this well-known Euro Starlet a teen? She looks nothing as such. The acting is non-convincing and her marketing is totally off. Also, I Don't like watching this dudes razor stubble when lickin the cooter. In fact she could have been paired with a better looking stud in general.. She would be better placed in --PornStars Like it Big ---. Like her outfit though..

Comment #3

Really god scene with Claudia and Alex. Great camerawork to capture how sexy Claudia really is. Good contact between the two with Claudia smiling a lot. Alex allow Claudia to perform and she moves around in a lot of sexy ways. Claudia is certainly not a teenager and it would be nice to see her on some other sites at Brazzers. Good work on this one Brazz.

Comment #4

The accent is as sexy as she is... her script should be catered to exentuate the words that she can say effectively to enhance the scene. As a Big fanof the Euro Porn scene myself, I am extremely happy with the Brazzers people for finally signing Claudia on. Great scene, good work, and I hope to see more of her in the future! Good work Brazzers!!!

Comment #5

Claudia is awesome....although she certainly does not fit this scene. Shes been around for a few years to say the least so theres no way shes a teen for starters. To add she is also used to taking huge cocks if anyones ever seen her before so the idea is pretty ridiculous. She also loves cocks, big ones, up her ass so this scene has done her no justice what so ever. She would be ideal for BWB brazzers !!! She is one of the top European performers !!!

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