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Scene Title: It's my party and I'll fuck if I want to

Storyline: It's Hailey's 18th birthday and all she wants is a big college guy cock. When she's about to leave for a party, her mom stops her and tells her she already made plans for the evening... She got her a party clown for the the eighteenth time. When Hailey finds out the clown is really a stripper, she finally gets exactly what she wanted, a big fat cock.

Teen: Hailey Young

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What people are saying about: Hailey Young - It's my party and I'll fuck if I want to teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

vangto1210 said: This teens like it big scene could have been really great. The setup was pretty unique but they didn't push the envelope. The other girl is hot and just sat there with a damn pillow on her lap which made no sense. The girl is getting fucked and screaming her head off but her mom can't hear that over what? the loud oven! The other girl should have been distracting the mother and one thing leads to another and you have the mother and the friend in the kitchen getting it on while her daughter gets pounded out in the living room. That would have made sense and put the scene over the top.

Comment #2

Charlie61 said: Both of Hailey's scenes are amazing! She is so sweet! I loved seeing her do the repeat ass to mouth. And her cute little outfit and purple panties really worked! As for the clown? Hailey looks great no matter whose cock is in her mouth! Next time, maybe try her in tight jeans, a cute little top and sneakers blowing a couple of guys from her knees in an outdoor parking lot or park somewhere! Please take pix showing her cute little ass as she kneels in those jeans. And then move her indoors to finish things off.

Comment #3

katie11 said: ramon is so damn hot that he even looks good in a clown outfit. this guy is so fucking hot and i loved watching him dance around on the couch. this guy could blow it across my face any day. hailey put in a nice performance and provided some decent a2m between positions. the best position was the standing scissor doggy. hailey nice facial and i bet that icing was fucking sweet!!! ramon i love your hot ass and more of ramon please!!!!

Comment #4

robb201 said: God damn people. get over the clown shit already. It was a decent scenario, I think you would have been better off with the scenario of the mom ordering a stripper for her 18th birthday. The mom was pretty stupid to not see that the clown was out of his costume when she went out there and then again at the end thinking cum resembled the chocolate frosting off the cup cakes. For go sakes, at least have vanilla frosting. Hailey, it's good to see her back on dick again, used to her being an extra in a scene. I gotta give it to her, doing anal at her age is hot. I like my girls to have a little more meat on them, but she's still cute. Overall, it was a decent scene. Brazzers, we have to get that Niki girl to do some scenes. How far is she willing to go as an extra? She should have been holding Hailey's hand while she's getting fucked, kissing her, trying to keep her from moaning too loud so her mom didn't hear her. Overall, a decent teens like it big scene, not the best though. 7/10.

Comment #5

MissSnoogans! said: I have to admit I was worried about this teens like it big scene from the thread that was started about it. This turned out better than I could have ever thought. The girls at the beginning pulled it off perfectly with the conversation. Ramon was a awesome stripper clown. Even though it was never said. I could totally believe her mum was dumb to make the wrong call. She dropped off the cupcakes and never noticed he was out of his suit. Cum on her face and she thinks it's icing. Hailey did one helluva job taking his big cock. She is a really tiny girl and doesn't have much to protect deep penetration. I'm glad the camera man tighten his shit up before the sex started. Very solid scene that I enjoyed. Snoogans!

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