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Teens Like It Big presents: Teeny girl in sexshop wants a big dick to fuck

Scene Title: The Big Cock Experience

Storyline: Hannah wants to know what it is like to have something large inside her pussy, so she goes to buy a dildo at a sex shop. An employee of the store recommends her to try the real thing, offering his own big cock for the experience. He didn't only fuck her pussy hard but also ripped her tight asshole open!!

Teen: Hannah West

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What people are saying about: Hannah West - The Big Cock Experience teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

Hannah is Gorgeous. If guys don't like small tits then don't watch clips labeled with small tits! Her gorgeous skin and tight body is one of the best in tlib. She does a good job on a cock any way a guy would like it if he has any skills at all!

Comment #2

Waste of time. If you're gonna shoot tiny. not-tit-havin' chicks, @ least make the best part of the scene something other than the fact she takes it in the ass. She's not ugly, but you guys could do a whole lot better. 6 on the 1-10 scale.

Comment #3

Wow. I like this girl. Those shorts, and panties were hot on her. She had one hell of an ass for a teen porn star. That's a nice booty and I was saying to myself while watching her cow girl , "With an ass like that, she's gotta do anal. I bet she loves anal." and shortly after that she took in the ass and loved it. I hope to see more of her soon. Hannah West and Missy Stone in a scene together would be hot! I'm so glad Ralph was in this scene, it's about time someone other than Criss is in a Brazzers scene. Let Criss stick to guys and get a guy that can pound these girls good in a scene. Ralph and Hannah worked decent together, loved that sucker, lol. I don't think the scenario was that realistic. Notheless it was still hot. Loved Hannah's cute face, and innocent voice. She's a hottie. Overall, 8/10.

Comment #4

This girl definitely looks like a teen but it's obvious she's been fucking for some time. She can suck and and can ride a cock quite well, and her anal cavity was stretched. Too bad her baby-fat and non-boobs detracted form her look, because her face is very cute. Plus she acted the part well acting scared of his dick. Ralph was back to old-douchebag-trying-to-act-like-the-mack-but-can't pull-it-off Ralph, calling her "baby" with his retarded feaux-hawk and wristband. I like geeky Ralph better, lol. Even though I'm tired of seing his ass, Criss is a better fit for the script, which was a good one by the way. Much better than the first few teens like it big scenes I've watched.

Comment #5

Please fix pornstars: It's Ralph Long not Criss Strokes. I could see the tabloids now...Hannah Montana caught in a sex shop. I know it's not Miley Cyrus it's Hannah West. The setup was great. The chances of this actually happening are very slim. That's I like the fresh idea. 18yr old going to sex shop by herself without friends. This would have been the best teens like it big scene to had she of been more of a go getter. I mean she gave one helluva blowjob and knew she wanted in her ass. Which is normally suggested by a guy. All she had to do was go buckwild on him and punk him like he did her at the end. I would have said best scene by far without even seeing the rest. Nonetheless 2 erect nips, Snoogans!

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