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Scene Title: Spying On The Big Cock

Storyline: Jaslin and Aubrey heard that Alec's cock was so big that the last girl he fucked ended up in the hospital. They were dying to see his dick, so they went to his place to spy on him. Alec knew these two bitches really wanted to fuck his cock. So he took them into his room and gave them the pounding of their lives.

Teen: Jaslin Diaz

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What people are saying about: Jaslin Diaz - Spying On The Big Cock teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

robb201 said: I'm not a huge fan of either of these girls, but they worked well together and were cute together. I thought it was cute that they had to hold each others hands to ride the cock. Not a big fan of Alec, but he didn't do too bad in this scene except for his weak cum shot. It was hot that he fucked them in his "daughters" room. I would have had the daughter walk in at the end and see her dad with two young girls in her bed and walk back out disgusted. A decent teens like it big scene, but not a great scene. 8/10.

Comment #2

Oct@Vi@n said: It was a bit disappointing to not see Aubrey do cowgirl....Missionary and the reverse cowgirl didn't show her ass that well...neither does a stacked doggy. It's a sin to miss the best angle of a perfect bubble butt like her's. Joslyn looked hot in cowgirl, man she has such a lean sexy body. From now on, amazing bubbly booty shouldn't be hidden during five minutes of missionary style....that's prescious time wasted!!! Both girls were gorgeous though...nice selections.

Comment #3

katie11 said: alec, it's obvious that you are no relation to peter north!!!! other than your big dick, you squeeze out the worst cumshots in the industry (absolutely horrible). be thankful you have a big dick because your cumshots suck!!!

Comment #4

kUrisUsaMa83 said: It's true, the "individual" sites in the network are running together, their themes blurring. What is the point of heralding the opening/ establishment of "new sites" if they each draw from the same "creative" pool and feature, essentially, the same things? Save yourself some time and energy and roll it all back into one site of mixed content with the general theme being "HOT SEX WITH HOTTER WOMEN". Although, in your defense, REAL WIFE STORIES is staying true to its theme, so is DOCTOR ADVENTURES... Just something to consider, guys. Other than that keep it coming.

Comment #5

blueman1 said: Aubrey is amazing bring her back for some 1 on 1 stuff

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