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Scene Title: Older Guys Measures Up!

Storyline: Jasmine is over at her friend Joanna's house and they're talking about how to get older guys. Jasmine then asks Joanna to hook her up with her old brother Keiran. Joanna refuses, so Jasmine decides to introduce herself. She finds Keiran in the bathroom taking a shower and notices his big dick and is stunned! She is instantly turned on and what to know what it feels like to have his big dick inside her! She got on his dick as soon as he got out of the shower and it got real wet and steamy in there!

Teen: Jasmine Jolie

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What people are saying about: Jasmine Jolie - Older Guys Measures Up! teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

Overcomeall3 said: Tell ya what I would like to do....After she has a bad day with the squirts(butt squirts) I would like to rub her dirty, stained, skidded up drawers in my face. Then I would jam a raw pork chop in her but and let it cook for a while. After about an hour, I would scoop it out with a spoon and throw it at the wall. mmmmmm

Comment #2

yumyum2009 said: If she was going to have big tits then id rather she had some big REAL tits bansheee69 lol. Jasmine is h0t as she is. Besides i don't think teens need big boobies though they're always a welcome addition. Wonder if K.L. is a Derby County fan...

Comment #3

JJamNeutron1 said: This teens like it big scene should be rated much higher. I think the only reason it's rated this low is because she doesn't have humungous flotation devices between her face & pussy. She's a damn fine performer & this teens like it big scene is pretty damn good. I can't believe someone suggested that she get implants. WTF? Is Howard Stern commenting on these scenes?

Comment #4

MissSnoogans! said: Was Keiran whistling My Country, 'Tis of Thee in the shower, haha? When I first saw Jasmine I thought she had lots of potential. Until I saw her tap out in the middle of scene with Voodoo. Granted she was taking on his circus tool, so she is forgiven. After viewing a couple cam shows on Metrobabes, damn she's got it going on. I'm glad she finally made her way to ZZ cause she's a super freak. The story started off pretty well but I'm not sure what in the hell she was doing in the bathroom with the tape measure and magazine. Of course before she started masturbating I meant to say. Props for taking that long cock down her throat. Not an easy feat by any means. I'm all for seeing the cradle but it needs some work my friend. I did like her standing on her head and him still stabbing. Then that transformed into the piledriver which was excellent. Damn Keiran ruined her flow when she was riding. That ass was bouncin like a bunny. He dotted another forehead. I understand that it was shot in the bathroom but damn the camera work was fucking awful. Snoogans!

Comment #5

dutchschultz said: I second fickcok1; shoes/socks/and stockings (THIGH HIGHS PLEASE!) add a lot to the scenes - why make storylines to the scenes if you have no interest in the set dressing etc? Those little touches help make the girls' characters, and while SigDogg may have a foot fetish, I think the majority of members are here for the added charm element, stockings is part of that... If anything, we've been seeing a little too much foot fetish stuff (the foot jobs etc) and losing focus on the tits - Sig oughtta be happy with the amount of foot fetishism he's already getting treated to, don't lose your TITS FANTASY focus here, Brazzers!

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