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Scene Title: Time For Re Arrangment

Storyline: Kelly was busy re arranging her room. When it got to putting the mattress on her bed, she couldn't lift it herself. She decided to call up a couple of her guy friends but none was readily available, except for Criss. He came over in a hurry. Once there and once the task was done, they began talking about Kelly's new boyfriend , who is in her words "small". Criss showed her that he wasn't small and that he could please her with his huge cock in her pussy and mouth.

Teen: Kelly Skyline

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Comment #1

So she's sucking criss's cock and he's trying to shove it down her throat,she say's it's to big,he say's you just need more practice and try's ramming it again and again.No wonder she wasn't enthusiastic about the scene!Hey Criss"YOUR COCK WAS TO BIG FOR HER"!What, you can't kick back without your hands all over her head and throat area and let her give you a nice fucking selfish bastard!It's about the girls talent,your just a prop,get over yourself,you look and especialy sound like a COMPLETE IDIOT anyway.I guess God even gives morrons gifts too.

Comment #2

lol, I thought this teens like it big scene was pretty good. Kelly was a cutie, would love to see her back for more. You can bitch about the posters all you want, but this was a true "Teeny Bopper" porn film. I guess they could have used some Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears posters to seem more realistic, but it wouldn't matter, the poster's weren't the focus of my attention in the scene. One thing I'll say for Criss, since he's been fucking these young teen pussies, he's been blowing bigger loads. So this is a lesson for anyone who is having problems in that department, "When you're blowing small loads, fuck a teen!" The sex was average, but overall the scene was good. 8/10

Comment #3

Yet another lame setup for this site. I don't think much is going to get done in that regard. Was not impressed at in the setup or sex. The story wasn't bad. Criss seemed to try different things than normal. I don't think his cock will allow him to try the moves he wants. Stop trying to do the piledriver. She looked uncomfortable when he went for the leg up doggy. Also it's hard for me to buy a girl putting up Disney posters on the walls. It was like she went from 18 to 14 in seconds. 1 dried up puss, Snoogans!

Comment #4

Personally, I would like to commend Brazzers for trying something different. I happen to like this site- as well as all the others. If you don't like watching cute teens getting fucked, then don't hate- just don't participate. The fact of the matter is, you can't please all the people all the time. So that being said- just shut the fuck up and watch the other hundreds of videos on this site if you can't stand this one. Don't fuck it up for all of us who respect the diverse portfolio that Brazzers is putting together! Oh yeah, and "shit-eating guy"... Ummmmm, NO!!! Go get a membership somewhere else. You join a site based on its content- you don't join a site and THEN expect them to do a 180 to suit your deviant tastes. You may want to join WEB MD and find out what the fuck is wrong with yourself...

Comment #5

apparently no one that subscribes to brazzers likes this site at all. every one of the vids has really low scores compared to the other ones think someone compared it to datelines to catch a predator series without the dude getting arrested or caught. the ones i have watched are a little thin on story i dont like much story but a little set up is always good

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