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Teens Like It Big presents: Lexi Love recieves big cock to help her sleep faster

Scene Title: Big Scary Cock

Storyline: Lexi and her friend are watching a scary movie when Jordan walks in the room complaining about the loud screaming... They apologize and Jordan goes back to sleep. When Lexi's friend goes to get some snacks, Jordan comes back and gives Lexi something to scream about, his big scary cock in her starfish!!!

Teen: Lexi Love

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What people are saying about: Lexi Love - Big Scary Cock teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

twstedone said: Awesome teens like it big scene and all..be a bit more realistic since I think it was a sleepover thing for the scene..if you could have at least made it look like it was dark outside :D but only problem with the scene great job once again

Comment #2

bovine said: Lexi, Every inch of you is smokin fuckin hot! And the scenes are dynamite ...of the best out there. That outfit looks fantastic on you. I love the bush and can only imagine the wonderful scent of you that it must capture. Don't listen to these sheep that want every woman to be big (even if fake) titted and shaved - You are amazing!

Comment #3

cocky6993 said: Some of you people are either just ignorant or stupid. You really thought she farted. Do you people know how good that feels to a guy when your penetrating your girls ass or pussy when that happens and all of a sudden you go a little deeper in. The sound you hear is just the air inside being pushed out by a hard cock that's all. It's a good thing

Comment #4

B-Twin said: Yeah what's up with everyone?! A supercute girl in pink gets her sweet tight ass fucked for 25mins nonstop, takes it like a champion whom she is, cums like crazy and half the comments seem to be bitching about a bit hairy pussy. Now I might prefer baldness as well but I'd still eat that tasty thing, let alone watch it neatly exposed while the backdoor gets all the action. That vid got my scene of the week vote without hesitation, outstanding stuff even by high Brazzers standards. Only thing that bothered me that Lexi stays in the socks the entire time in the video - she has them off in some of the stills in the photoset and looks even more cute and sexy. Now SigDogg might be annoying with his "more bare feet" spam but so is Brazzers' insistence on showing ppl wear clothes while fucking in their own bedrooms. Thanks Lexi, you've just earned yourself another hardcore fan here =)

Comment #5

MissSnoogans said: Even though Lexi has no business being on a teen site, that didn't bother me. I thought the story wasn't bad at all. Just knowing that they fucked about a month is still on my mind. Plus I thought that teens like it big scene was hotter than this one. Not enough focus on her best asset. Yeah a few views of her bent over watching the movie but hardly nothing during the sex. I did like the interruptions by the sister/friend. It made the scene more real. The full nelson was good but her bent forward riding that cock was even better. Snoogans!

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