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Teens Like It Big presents: Missy Stone getting anally ripped a new one

Scene Title: Pay as you Blow

Storyline: Missy Stone has problem. Her dad has taken away her phone because of a terrible addiction she has to taken pictures of certain male body parts. On a quest, Missy sets out with stolen cash from her dad in hopes to get a brand new phone. When at the phone shop she finds out that her salesman might be more helpful than she had expected

Teen: Missy Stone

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What people are saying about: Missy Stone - Pay as you Blow teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

I'm liking these stories even more lately. Teens acting like toddlers isn't cool. Even though Missy told an employee way too much information, it made the scene click. Scott trying to keep a job and not get caught in a trap. Is it possible that Scott's contract is about to expire? I mean he was already good at stroking but now he's just firing at will. She damn near came instantly. He fucked her so hard I thought her head was going through that wall. No one is allowed to fuck Scott back lately cause he's in control like Janet Jackson. Oh I loved that camera angle too for that cumshot turned swallow. Snoogans!

Comment #2

I will admit I think Missy has gained a few much needed pounds and she's never looked better, but I agree with the below. where was the tease? and WHAT the hell about the background music???? that killed it! Classic guitar music for dentist office in background? Felt like I was having a route canal.

Comment #3

I used to like Missy, but she's fading on me, her scenes for brazzers, are getting worse, each update. This teens like it big scene turn me off, the first minute, when she lit, that cancer stick, and puffed it, so she smokes, I don't want to watch that. Next, this supposed to be a teen site, where the hell, was the tease! Enough, despite doing all the nasty stuff, including swallowing, this was boring. 6 out of 10!

Comment #4

With all the redwood forrest trees she's taken up the ass, she'll never have to use toilet paper again or worry about a bowel obstruction as long as she lives...

Comment #5

is there really a calling for her to do this site like 8 times for TLIB? with all the great teens and youn'ens coming into porn we can't give others a chance on here? She not Rachel Roxx for God Sakes!

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