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Teens Like It Big presents: Missy Stone and Holly Fox in palavering pussies get a posterior pounding scene

Scene Title: Palavering Pussies Get A Posterior Pounding

Storyline: Holly and Missy are very competitive little sluts. They argue forever about who is a bigger tramp and exchange platitudes until they call up Scott to settle the matter. Now we all know you can't be a consummate slut without taking it in the ol' keister, so they have to step up and take it in the ass like a salacious whore.

Teen: Missy Stone and Holly Fox

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What people are saying about: Missy Stone and Holly Fox - Palavering Pussies Get A Posterior Pounding teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

cdhombre69 said: Great teens like it big scene. Loved the fighting between the two young sluts. Loved Missy's comment when she was pissed that Holly "you got it first bitch" when Scott stuck it in Hooly's box while Holly was eating Missy's pussy. Some great anal scenes. Brazzers needs more of that. Holly is the kind of slut I would love to spend some time with. Would love to double up with these two. Oh, and could you give me Scott's cock when I go to do the double?????

Comment #2

MissSnoogans said: Not sure about the story but the banter was great between Missy and Holly. Nice addition of the toys being brought out. Thisteens like it big scene reminded me of the video "Boy is Mine" by Brandy & Monica. The look Missy was giving Scott right before he went to fuck was sultry. Great acting when he "accidentally" put it in her ass. You can always tell who's been around the block. Missy was the better team player. The fucking was solid all the way through. The best was watching Holly suck cock after she got doggy. In the meantime Missy is sliding to the floor cause she wants to get piledriven. Nice ending to the scene with them still fighting. Nice work everyone involved. Snoogans!

Comment #3

jk5573 said: The only way this could have been better would be to have him cum on Missy's butt when she was gaping open and Holly lick it off

Comment #4

rioman69 said: Missy Stone probably did more scenes on this site than any other girl. I'm ready to move on. she's very skinny. there are SO many other talents out there we don't see enough of. what happened to Carmen McCarthy? I wish she did as many scenes as Missy. How about some Natasha? how about those all natural big titted teens for starters?

Comment #5

robb20 said: Sweet....looks awesome. Looking forward to it. Brazzers needs more anal! I love Missy and look forward to seeing Holly for the first time.

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