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Scene Title: House Swap Part 2

Storyline: Young girls these days have what it takes to compete for cock with their moms. While Sienna is away running errands Missy uses her sweetness and grace to have the first taste of the visiting cock; its not in town for long and she's gonna make the most of it.

Teen: Missy Stone

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What people are saying about: Missy Stone - House Swap Part 2 teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

morningtug said: Did Missy think that Scott was far away and couldn't hear her? Everything that came outta her mouth was like she was using a Bull Horn! Didn't care for this scene, but I can't wait for Sienna's finale tomorrow! Hopefully Brazzers keeps the House Swap thing going, everybody seems to be loving it! Maybe just shorten the build up a little??

Comment #2

MissSnoogans! said: Not really sure how Missy got so popular on ZZ. She's got more scenes on here than I ever thought. Sadly for me this House Swap runs too long for my taste. I mean it's a good idea but it takes some time before it gets to the sex. Plus it's not even a good build up either. I'm pretty sure the finally will be pretty damn good cause of the conclusion. Scott is always money with his cumshot. Even if that first blast missed, he got her good with plenty more ammo. Snoogans!

Comment #3

endee666 said: She is so hot.. Shame the video has 12 minutes of nonsense before anything starts happening... A lot of vids on here have been doing that.

Comment #4

sgm3201 said: I don't see why everyone seems to think Anal is good. It's sort of a turn-off for me. I beleive fucking is great and the pussy is the best organ to be used. The back door is not normal. Hot, like the theme.

Comment #5

Scotsman23 said: My favourite girl is back ! Missy is one of the best performers in the business. Her scenes are always filled with intensity and heat no matter what shes in !. Only ever seen her in anal scenes so be fun to see her pussy get some attention for a change. Lookin forward to this !. Oh and rickslade you dont seem to have done much looking, there are a few teens like it big anal scenes. The two best teens like it big anal scenes are Missy Stone and Hailey Young.

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