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Scene Title: Summer of 69

Storyline: Natalia and Keiran are marking their summer calendars days off. Natalia is getting ready to leave for college and Keiran made a bet with his buddies that he could finally convince his girlfriend Natalia to do the 69 position with him before the summer ends. Time is running out as the final days of summer are approaching. Keiran is on the verge of losing the bet and Natalia is still not comfortable with trying new positions. What will it take for Keiran to make this summer last forever?

Teen: Natalia Rossi

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What people are saying about: Natalia Rossi - Summer of 69 teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

Skylarking said: this chick was at a party i went to on the 4th of july. she went into the bathroom with this jocky bro dude. ridiculous. she pretty much absorbed all of mine and my friends focus the whole night. lol.

Comment #2

fleckman said: "Can we please get some black teens and milfs on these sites. Where's the black interracial scenes?" says miami14... dude there are like a ten thousand porn sites. How can anyone be stupid enough to want to change one to suit them? Just go to a site with that genre. And grow a brain while you're there.

Comment #3

Thurrs said: i have to agree with most of the people... great girl no fake tits, no trashy tattoos... but.... at 15:26... im sorry brazzers CAN YOU NOT EDIT IT OUT!? it may of only been a queef... (where a women lets air out of her pussy)... but edit it out, im sure most of us didnt want to hear it. but was funny how keiran reacted to it. but next time pay closer attention.

Comment #4

gto said: great body, no frankenstein scars, great face and no nasty ass tattoos. this is very, very rare for a girl in porn. if it wasnt for 15:26 she would be my new favorite, but now i dont think i can ever watch her again. thanks a lot lazy ass brazzers video editors!

Comment #5

MissSnoogans! said: The story wasn't bad just needed to be tweak. She should of been sitting around with her friends as they give advice. Like she's still a virgin and wants to fuck her Keiran before she heads to college. Not sure how to handle his big cock. One tells her to go slow and the other says so it fast like ripping off a band-aid. Anyway I see her bowl of head has improved some. No mistaking that she knows how to fuck. On her feet for the cowgirl, smacked her ass during the cradle, and got more into towards the end with some talk and facial expressions. A nice debut from Natalia and no telling how long it will be until seen again. Snoogans!

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