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Teens Like It Big presents: Nikki James fucks her brothers bestfriend big hard cock

Scene Title: Not so 'mini' putt!

Storyline: Nikki and Scott go for a game of Mini Putt… But Nikki’s brother tags along because he doesn't want his little sister to fuck his friend Scott because he's got a big cock, and she LOVES big cocks! But when Nikki's brother goes away for a few minute to grab a bite, Nikki was all over Scott's cock like a magnet on metal! She took him back to her place to get more acquainted with his big cock!

Teen: Nikki James

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What people are saying about: Nikki James - Not so 'mini' putt! teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

tenforty said: The best part is the last 35 seconds of fucking where Scott is really drilling her pussy hard. We get great views from the rear of her elastic pussy tightly stretched out around that dick. Good hard fucking!! I agree with one of the previous comments - rather have him pull out, he should just keep fucking that pussy hard until he cums inside her.

Comment #2

ainshower said: why can you guys bring in carmen hayes, ice lafox, ,carly parker, jazmine cashmere,or beauty dior to the site you guys said this is a big tit site and these girls are both extremely hot in the face and the body a beg somebody to tell me diffrent ps why shyla not taking black meat on this site when we all know she been taking it in white booty worship, lex the implaer3, and it a secretary thing

Comment #3

rioman69 said: I love how people automatically are going to "judge" ACTORS on how dumb or smart they are! Hello??? they are acting and saying lines that people tell them too! Hello??? As far as the fantasy and writing on this one...Its as HOT as Hell!!! a fantasy about a friends "hot" little sister. Its everyones...come on and allow yourself to enjoy it. Don't be stupid and start pretending like you don't get it...or that one or two lines were stupid. OF COURSE its over the TOP. ITS PORN. and by the way.....nothing was hotter than this "tease" putting that huge cock up to her face. Thats why we love Brazzers!!! TLIB rules

Comment #4

robb201 said: Alright, she has a pretty tight little body, but her face is average at best. There were some really stupid lines used in this scene, but there isn't much we can do about it now. Hopefully you just don't make the mistakes again. The sex was alright, nothing special. She wasn't really my type, but she's better than some other girls that you've used on your site and continue to use. 7/10.

Comment #5

MissSnoogans! said: Well if I had to fill in the story some. Scott knows the guy from playing sports together. So he knew he had a big cock from taking showers with the team (I hope). Yeah she had a nice boy and knew how to look sexy playin mini golf. I'm not get to brutal here but it was all downhill after they left ole dude. The cowgirl was simply awful. If it wasn't for Scott taking over, I would have fell asleep. She's really gonna have to step her game up to continue on this site. Try watching Madison Ivy for tips. Snoogans!

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