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Teens Like It Big presents: Teen Babe fucks her sisters boyfriend big hard dick

Scene Title: Not Too Young for a Big Cock

Storyline: Nikki was fed up with her sister telling her she's too young to have a big cock. She wanted to prove her wrong. So she decided to seduce her sister's boyfriend Criss, knowing that he has a huge cock. Criss didn't think it twice and fucked the shit out of Nikki's tight little pussy until he came on her pretty face.

Teen: Nikki Rhodes

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What people are saying about: Nikki Rhodes - Not Too Young for a Big Cock teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

This teens like it big scene is the #1 reason I joined Brazzers. The intimacy in which the oral foreplay scenes are shot.. YOU ARE THERE... I agree with other posters, Nikki's fear/hunger of throating this massive dick is real, actual and hot! And Chris has fucked every whore from here to Sunday, but you can tell he is really getting off on the slow blow... too big to suck... service he gets from Nikki. I rarely get past this scene, if you know what I mean. Brazzer Members: What other oral scenes do this to you? I want to know! Bravo, Chris... Keeping them gagging!

Comment #2

I've never watched Nikki until now. I see how a lot of members like her, she's sexy as hell. Her body is exactly like a girl's I used to mess with a couple of years ago; same tits, same milky skin tone. Except Nikki is much prettier, lol. Tricia did a good job as an extra, but man did she look beat-up. I have to AGREE with dizial. I have been saying it for months. We understand the "Like it Big" mantra, but it should not have to go on for 5 minutes, 1-2 minutes is more than sufficient. The sex was good, Nikki played the "amateur" well. lmao at Robb201's comment about the open-mouth retarded kid & Criss haha

Comment #3

I cant' believe I read someone say "worst" blowjob ever, when I thought it was the best. I like the "visual" of the blowjob and the teasing. The "pretty" faces struggling to suck the biggest cocks is the bomb. This girl nailed it. (so to speak). Brazzers shoots the best blow job scenes in porn today. Look around and compare. There is none better.

Comment #4

Nikki is a cutie...but that had to be the worst blowjob ever shot. BTW...we all get it CRISS is swinging big lumber.ENOUGH ALREADY. I will say there's nothing like youthful enthusiasm for your work.she basically carried the shoot with that. Did I detect a Canadian accent?

Comment #5

I liked that teens like it big Scene:Nikki is a Pretty Red Head .I like her Body,her Titties & her Skin(So Sexy).Like the Others Members said the only bad thing in the tlb,mlb & plib sites is the fact that they repeat too much the " it so Big" and they take too long in admiring the Cocks.Other than that these Sites are Hot.I'm more for Big Cocks in the Scenes(I think y'all should put more Big Cocks in btas & btaw).Good Job Brazzers Satff.

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