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Scene Title: Cock Says 1000 Words

Storyline: Pepper is obsessed with big dicks, she can’t seem to get enough of them. After her date with Billy she invites him back to her place. They start making out for a bit but then Pepper goes to freshen up. While she’s gone Billy turns on her laptop to check his email. As Billy is checking his email he comes across a folder on her laptop that is full of pictures of guys with big dicks. Billy asks Pepper about the folder and what he has to do to get his picture in her big dicks collection. Well, she has to evaluate his dick. Then fuck it to makes sure he is worthy of her collection.

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What people are saying about: Pepper Foxxx - Cock Says 1000 Words teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

biggus1 said: i like the different angles from the cowgirl position (not reverse cowgirl), usually , all we see , is the girl's back and the ass getting pounded for 10 minutes non-stop , i like to see those tits bouncing up and down ....good camera work .

Comment #2

default said: He didn't seem to have alot of energy he couldn't really handle her a couple times it looks like. maybe I couldn't either, but I'm not a paid professional. on the other hand, pepper is amazing; the ideal body type for alot of guys. looks like she needs something in her ass though.

Comment #3

trevor1981 said: Pepper is great...for whomever has a problem with a woman with a great natural figure...go somewhere else...we don't need skin and bones...I rather have a woman that I don't have to be worried about breaking...Brazzers bring more Pepper that is my vote..and put her with someone that can keep up.

Comment #4

MissSnoogans! said: I found a couple things wrong with this teens like it big scene. I don't have a problem with Pepper Foxxx and she done great in her debut. Though she is all natural, she shouldn't be on the teen site. If you can titfuck, then it should be BabyGotBoobs. Just like Britney Amber, Morgan Layne, and Madison Scott should have never of been on here. The second thing I had a problem with was the story. I thought the site was about teens being curious about big dicks. The story had Pepper like an advanced pro. Once again Billy had some flashes here and there of doing a decent job. The only thing that kept my attention for the most part was several positions were used. Finally didn't miss with that cumshot. Snoogans!

Comment #5

sport174541 said: billy glide is a pro. I am a straight guy with a big cock. hung men may not look hard but that are, big dicks that hang are very common. this guy is hot and good for this sight. if u guys want to see gay porn u are in the wrong place. if you love watching hot women get fucked by really hung guys you are in the right place and billy glide is a good actor for the part

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