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Scene Title: What happened to our lil girl?

Storyline: Samantha's parents have noticed a drastic change in their little darling ever since she attended a rap concert the other night. She stopped her music lessons, she stays out late and has been dressing like a slut! When they try to intervene they are shocked to find out that she has been getting sneaking around with a Brotha...with a really big dick! This won't look good on her Princeton application...

Teen: Samantha Sin

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What people are saying about: Samantha Sin - What happened to our lil girl? teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

Scottybaby1 said: Wow!! Its been 2 months since this teens like it big scene came out. It seems like yall are totally loyal to your racist members and made a commitment to not do interracial scenes. I think its good that your new admin guy doesn't want anymore racist comments but there isn't anything to even comment on. I canceled my membership previously because of this. Even your competitor naughty america at least has a scene once a month. WTF!! I know you can't honestly believe that all of your members are white. I'm not the first person to feel this way or leave a comment like this and I fear that I will soon have to try another site to see some diversity in its scenes. I'm not asking for something everyday but at least make some attempt to humor your minority members. Not just black even though thats what I want being black, but latino and asian as well. I don't know how you can be a top porn site without interracial. If you don't care about your minority members, keep doing what you're doing. It will just prove that fact as you continue to have white only scenes or white men only fucking different kinds of women. Think about it!!

Comment #2

stangodango said: I did not watch this threw because the anal turn me off so I quit watching. I have to agree race should not have played in this scene. Why aren't there African and Asian American guys fucking the white girls. You have two Spanish guys on this site that are allways fucking white girls. Plus there are Mexican and Asian girls screwing white guys. GET WITH THE PROGRAM BRAZZER! The other complaint I have is stop putting anal scenes on the non butt sites. If I wanted to see anal I will click onto your wet butt sites. I am seriously not going to renew my membership if Brazzer doesn't listen to it customers. There are women who have membership here and we don't want to see all that gross stuff and we would like more scenes gear toward women!

Comment #3

cubb2k said: Can't wait for the sequel with mom and her stuffy friend. I hope they both take it in the ass. And what's with you people that are looking for political correctness in your porn...come on give me a break. Stereotypes are half the fun so keep those outrageous bits coming and if you offend some viewers tell them to switch to cable.

Comment #4

dieavirgin said: A teens like it big scene that plays on the last true American taboo and one of my fav fetishes... interracial sex. I love watching sex between black men and white women or white men and black women. It's always come across as a naughty act that's not really naughty. Sort of like sex in the kitchen; it's wild sex to some and to others it's just sex in the house. Never seen Sam Sin before. Like the leg warmers. Love the anal. scene was alright. J.C. needs a Red Bull or something. Love the cliffhanger ending.

Comment #5

MissSnoogans! said: This was a true porn comedy. I left work early cause I knew I was headed for trouble laughing at the scene. Dick Nasty was great. That looked like Regan Anthony with darker hair. After seeing Julius last scene not sure why he isn't on the site more. I mean he fucked Samantha real damn nice. So it's almost autumn and this makes the fifth IR (black cock) scene this year. NA has got three up on you. BB has about around fifteen on the year. Of course RK is slow to the show with zero. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. AIP and TLIB get hated on like no other. I skip on many scenes that I have no interest in. Not from this site though cause this site is the fucking best. The cradle style was hot. I kinda liked how she stared at herself in the mirror. Now that was a concrete ending. Snoogans!

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