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Scene Title: Wanna Cum Shopping?

Storyline: Scarlett needed a shopping partner, so she convinced Criss to go shopping with her by promising to buy him some jeans. She had no idea Criss had such a huge cock! The jeans wouldn't even fit because of his massive package! She had to try that cock so she took her friend to her place to fuck his big cock.

Teen: Scarlett Fay

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What people are saying about: Scarlett Fay - Wanna Cum Shopping? teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

eyeluvhorses2 said: I dont know whats up with criss lately, but hes been catchin that limp dick syndrome in the middle of his scenes. On another note, it looks like criss is gettin a lil more chisled. I know the chicks love that shit, so good for him, but damn, how the hell do you start goin soft while pluggin some of these chicks??? Ill give it to you criss, you bang some hot fuckin chicks, but whats up lately? Especially since these chicks are most definitely fuckable.

Comment #2

usagold said: not one of the best scenes on this site, but still hot. not sure why the low rating, Keep it going Brazzers. Would like to here the babes talk more about how the dudes dick is compared to their boyfriends, would make the scene hottter

Comment #3

28deb said: Although I usually like strawberry blondes and redheads...this is an exception. First of all, she has no body at all. Second, I turned into a warewolf watching the scene being expose to Scarlett's moon tan. If the sheets on the bed were all white, she would blend right in and it would look like C.S. was "shadow stroking" or taking some jabs in the air. Bring on the bronze tans and the killer bodies. How about some exotic latinas or black women. I'm sure there are a lot of guys who would like to see some black women on here. Chill on the pasties!!!!!!

Comment #4

francisco5291 said: I like her, she was having fun with the scene. She may not be everybody's cup of tea, but she is cute, hey, not every girl is going to be blonde, tan and with fake boobs. I like her natural beauty, she has those big sexy eyes and a nice butt. The sex could've been better, nice to see Chris back doing what he does best. Nice scene.

Comment #5

THIS is his comeback scene? whats up dissapointing! Problems with wood, but then again the girl "was NOT HOT"....(sorry chicky....but get some sun)....and Brazzers needs to make up for this with another C.S scene with a hottie right away.

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