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Scene Title: A Matter of Size

Storyline: Even though Johnny washed her dad's car and bought her gifts, Sierra still didn't want to fuck him. It was only when he mentioned he had a big cock that she started to be interested in him. Apparently, she has never had a big cock. So Johnny knew that she was going to love getting her tight pussy pounded and stretched wide open by his massive cock.

Teen: Sierra Snow

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What people are saying about: Sierra Snow - A Matter of Size teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

This chick is really cute. I thought she did good for her first Brazzers scene. The scenario was alright, and sort of funny. It's good to see someone new on TLIB to fuck these girls. I hope to see more of Sierra. The sex was good, could have been better, but we've seen much worse. Overall, a good teens like it big scene. 8/10.

Comment #2

One thing for sure about TeenLikeitBig is that some teens are ready for lights camera action and some aren't. Sierra was ready to fuck but nothing came natural to her when it came to talking. I know that Johnny doesn't care about the setup but she cared even less. These chicks really need to learn how to smoke cock. It's like bigger the cock the worse they get. However she does know how to fuck. She wasn't ready for a Johnny pounding or his length but she knew what she liked and it felt good. I love when the bed sheets get all fucked up from hot steamy sex. 2 erect nips, Snoogans!

Comment #3

When was the last time you bought gifts and did things for a girl and in the end you got laid? lmao. This looks like a great teens like it big scene.

Comment #4

the funny part of these comments is so many fans "complain" that "they can't take the big cock" and they just dont get it. If I see a young teen take a 12 inch cock like a whore from the gutter...(is that sexy? for some of you bozo's yes :) )...but the whole premise of this site (which is incredible) is watching young, hot, innocent (so they appear :) ) teens struggling with their first big cock. (and liking it I may add). NOTHING is better than this site. GO Brazzers

Comment #5

Sierra is hot but its true that she wasnt ready for Johnny. This girl will be much better when she has had a few big cock scenes under her belt. She was HOT.

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