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Teens Like It Big presents: Tiffany Tyler pays her tattoo with her tight wet pussy

Scene Title: Thanks For The Tattoo

Storyline: Tiffany's getting a new tattoo from Keiran and the only for her to thank him is by sucking his big cock!!! Gotta love those cock hungry teens!!!

Teen: Tiffany Tyler

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What people are saying about: Tiffany Tyler - Thanks For The Tattoo teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

LBoogie said: Alright, let me start by saying thank you, for going back to the teen basics of porn, friends talking, cotton panties, which we get a nice tease in them, strip, her bj needs work, but she took him pretty well, some good position changing, and a nice cum shot to end it, I give this scene a 9 out of 10, it's not perfect because the camera work was poor at times, and like I stated, her bj isn't that great, overall solid scene! Nice work Brazzers!

Comment #2

MissSnoogans said: I really like Tiffany. There's something really sexy about her. She genuinely tried to have a good scene. She was listening to Keiran as he instructed her. POVs can be very sexy when done right by the right person. I don't think she gave head the best but she damn sure made it sensual. Doggy in POV was too short. Keiran should have allowed her to ride longer before he made her get on her feet. Reverse cowgirl was the best cause she talked to him, she added to motion, and her facial expression was pure. Her eyes were closed too early but that facial was nicely landed by Keiran. What was going on with that hair Keiran? It's still a learning process but that was a fucking impressive debut. Snoogans!

Comment #3

simply66 said: BrentosBrazzers. All you do is put pormo on a website. Not the hardest thing in the world. I work in IT as a Project Manager and putting shit on a web site is the easiest thing I manage. Try managing an IT system that runs a worldwide bank or the train system for a whole country then I might have some sympathy. Fucking pathetic.....

Comment #4

patrickb825 said: not bad, the girl looks like shes 17 to 19 ish. I enjoy the doggy style part where it shows it from the guys first person view from behind, that was very enjoyable since you can imagine its you fuckin that amazing girl. secondly, just wanted to say, nice job overall

Comment #5

lovedoc143 said: "Good idea promising not to reply to my posts anymore, at least as long as you make no point but nuthugging the morons that take your money for taking a piss on you." Sorry, I had to laugh at that. I made it a point to say I already have the full video downloaded. I have no reason to cry like you because I had to click one extra button to get to it. You have some pretty jacked priorities. You say you've had all these problems for months - yet you still pay to be here.. Essentially, as you admit, you pay to complain about being "nutthuged". LOL ... that's epic. Okay - I'm done laughing at you now. Continue twisting my words so you can make a silly point. Just think - if you put 1/4 the effort into finding a proper link to the video as you did fighting me here ... your life would be so much better. Food for thought. Have a good night, troll.

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