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Teens Like It Big presents: Young Girl gets a big cock for playing twister

Scene Title: New big cock lover

Storyline: While playing Twister, Tristan's face got close to Jay's crotch and she saw his huge cock through his pants. She had no idea he had such a big cock and she was very curious to see if it would fit in her tight pussy. Jay not only was able to fit it all inside, but he also gave her the biggest facial ever!

Teen: Tristan Kingsley

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What people are saying about: Tristan Kingsley - New big cock lover teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

Yes he was very well endowed with a good size of prick, but it just proves that regradless of small tits, and probably a tight pussy, they still could fuck their asses out. The female cunt has to be very adaptable so it can handle any size of cock shoved in-and also adjust to a small prick too.

Comment #2

This girl is really pretty, but watching solo twister for over 3 minutes is as much fun as watching paint dry. Terrible. The guy hammered her pretty good, and I like how she was able to finish him off. Nice load in her grill.

Comment #3

I've seen Tristan before in the infamous fake cock scene. I wasn't impressed with her then or now. She go the worst setup for a scene ever. She was playing Twister solo and wasn't wearing anything remotely sexy. I see why the rating are so low for her. The 69 or piledriver was enough to save this scene. Also the over acting of her begging him to take it easy got old. The lighting in the room was horrible. Oh yeah the camera totally missed the cowgirl when he was pounding her like crazy. 1mega dried up puss, Snoogans!

Comment #4

I have never seen a porn video that does the game Twister justice and this one is no exception. More people playing it and having the girls wear sexy skirts/dresses (no pants/jeans) and sexy panties would have done it. The idea is not only about touching the other players in erotic places, but also catching glimpses of things that would not otherwise have been seen. Maybe next time, "Strip Twister" would be the way to go

Comment #5

I am so confused by the infatuation with little girls and when kids starting cheering in the trailer was disturbing. The best part about Brazzers was the mature woman... see how long Sex Pro Adventures faded out because all these little girls. Whoever voted for bringing a site like this must not see Dateline or they just have not been caught yet. What is so sexy about undeveloped girls...

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