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Teens Like It Big presents: Veronique Vega fucks a huge dick for helping her out

Scene Title: The good Samaritan

Storyline: Veronique's frisbee got stuck in a tree so Kieran helped her get it down. She was so happy that she decided to thank him by fucking his cock! Kieran's cock was way too big for her tight pussy but she took the pounding like a big girl and got a nice facial in the end.

Teen: Veronique Vega

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What people are saying about: Veronique Vega - The good Samaritan teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

This girl is really hot. The setup was, again, was really fucking stupid. Frisbee cought in a 5 foor tree? Come on now, lol. She just wanted to get right down to it without any acting. Kerian banged her really good. Aside from the retarded setup, it was decent overall.

Comment #2

who is the idiot that doesn't like teen girls fucking big cocks. are you insane? this site is the best ever. brazzers f'n rules. I think the "competition" is posting honestly. this particular scene with Veronica could even be the best scene of the entire site. Unreal

Comment #3

Absolutely the best looking so far on the teen site. Another lame setup. I can tell not going to be many good setups or story lines. Veronique did an all around god job. From sucking cock to taking a pounding. I was really impressed with her doggy. 2 erect nips, Snoogans!

Comment #4

love the new site teens like it big !!, much more of what turns me on. im 23 so i luv younger girls with big cocks. I agree totally with scuba and moosalini !! im fed up seeing bad comments on this new sites comment pages. i find it totally offensive to the girl for u to say she looks 12 when shes over age. i thought she was hot and put on a great scene for us. theres plenty other sites for u to watch on brazzers so if you dont like it shut up and dont watch it ???. as was said before, theres different sites for different tastes ! cant wait to see more scenes in this series !!! AWESOME !!!.

Comment #5

The girls on this site are to skinny. I need a little meat.

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