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Teens Like It Big presents: Veronique Vega and Stephanie Cane in lesbians need a big dick scene

Scene Title: Lesbians need a BIG dick

Storyline: Stephanie and Veronique are your typical lesbians. They are like this, because of the lack of BIG dick around. Veronique had a trick up her sleeve though. She knew Ralph, who maybe knew some big dick dudes. The thing that the girls didn't know is that Ralph himself has a huge cock, but it didn't take them long to find that out...

Teen: Veronique Vega and Stephanie Cane

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What people are saying about: Veronique Vega and Stephanie Cane - Lesbians need a BIG dick teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

The guy in it shows that only stupid dip-shits get to fuck 2 hot girls at once. While the girls were fucking cute but their orgasms were the fakest I ever seen, especially Stephanie's. Hell, them acting like they were enjoying themselves just didn't seem real either. In the scene we're supposed to believe they never had a big cock, if that was the case every single moan wouldn't have seemed fake. They had so many big cocks that the huge one in this scene barely satisfys them.

Comment #2

this scene is shocking its almost like they just turned up wanted to have as little sex as possible and take their pay. And what the hell were they doing with that cock at the start cause it sure wasnt a blowjob!!! really disappointed as Stephanie could be so awesome if she actually livened up and enjoyed herself.

Comment #3

Great job Brazzers, this site gets better & better, would like to see more talk and comparisions to boyfriends To some of the wieners......this is why the site is called 'TEENS LIKE IT BIG' the girls are supposed to be amazed on how big it is and let it take as much time as needed watching them worship the big dick

Comment #4

ok boys and girls can you say overreacting. and you can't spell overreacting without the word overy. Lesbians that peck, kiss boobs and don't eat pussy...yeah ok, sure. Hey who ever thought this scene up should be kicked in the small penis, and the girls should never speak in fact put ball gags in their mouths. at least they'd be hotter.

Comment #5

I would say the only time I would agree with robb. How can lesbians not eat pussy? I don't remember either of these girls staring at the camera the first time around either. This time they looked at the camera as if it was a mirror. It's just a scene killer for me. The measuring cock went on far too long as usual. I don't get it when they complain about Ralph being too white and it hurts the other chicks. His whiteness has nothing to do with monitor. Oh well bad day on ZZ for me. 1 dried up puss, Snoogans!

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