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Teens Like It Big presents: Alexia loves taking a huge cock deep in her tight snatch

Scene Title: Big Cock sees no Tit Size

Storyline: All Alexia wants is a big cock. But she is convinced that only girls with big tits can get the biggest cocks. Along with her friend they decide to try all sorts of exercises to increase their chest size. By the end she thinks the only way to get a big cock is to stuff her bra. Keiran, her friend's brother catches her stuffing her bra is appalled that any girl would think this and decides to prove to her that petite girls can get a big dick just like any big titted girl.

Teen: Alexia Skye

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What people are saying about: Alexia Skye - Big Cock sees no Tit Size teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

bigbozzz7 said: As hot as she is, and as sexy as she can dirty talk, she can't fuck or suck. Haha the dude was throwin her around like nothing and doing everything... Learn to deep throat and get some fuck rythm, then she may have a chance.

Comment #2

1747e said: I like when they have young girls without a bunch of plastic surgeries for a change. And for all you people who are hating on girls like this, stfu you get to have those middle aged fake ass looking bitches 9/10 updates.

Comment #3

rioman69 said: very disappointing. Brazzers directors usually make great bj scenes, but this girl looks like someone told her she had to do homework instead of suck a big cock that she craves. (supposedly). if you don't have tits you need to make up for it with enthusiasm. she did the director on this one

Comment #4

MissSnoogans said: I have to keep it real. The story and idea were fine. Anything after that should have been thrown in the Vault. Then I wouldn't had to of wasted my time viewing this dreadful teens like it big scene. Flick gave better action to that pole in Christmas Story and his tongue was fucking stuck. She wanted hard but wasn't willing to put in any effort. No wonder Keiran came in her eyes. I will never believe Pepe Le Pew stinks again after seeing this. Snoogans!

Comment #5

nyjet10221 said: I think shes hot!!! give me more of her brazzers!!!! Maybe like a mother daughter combo ..her and rikki raxx would be a great scene

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