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Scene Title: The Right Path To Take In Life

Storyline: Society has had it with Amber Rayne because she's throwing her life down the gutter. She has been receiving calls all morning about her bills and she found an eviction notice on her door. With no job and no future she hasn't many answers to her lack of income. Until her slutty friend convinces her to become a whore and get fucked for money. Amber is very resistant, until she realizes that she loves to get fucked in the has really really hard. Its a very pleasant story to watch.

Teen: Amber Rayne

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What people are saying about: Amber Rayne - The Right Path To Take In Life teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

MissSnoogans said: Mr. Sins thank you for accomplishing my request. Alright I like the fact the stories for teens are getting better. I like a good laugh but this story ran rather long. I wonder if the chick that played the friend is possibly getting ready to shoot a scene for brazzers like Nikki aka Dylan Riley did. Amber might not have the curves but she will "Rayne" terror on any cock. She had her nose buried in his six-pack while deep throating him. It was like she was trying to push the hiccups out of her throat. I didn't get the reaction I was looking for when she was getting drilled. The minute she took over was when she did some talking. Had she of been consistent with it through out the teens like it big scene and it would have been off the hook. She was riding his cock like she was trying to give herself a spinal tap. Did she ever get a great view from the doggy they put on. Now that's Snoogans!

Comment #2

dgbrown1 said: Johnny Sins & Amber Rayne are both hot! too bad you had to waste their talent on a lousy scene like this. Amber doesn't even look like a teen....I would love to see you put Johnny Sins in a few vag creampie scenes! think about it! it would beat having to subject him to this lousy anal sex

Comment #3

firefight36011 said: I want to see the other girl get fucked. And whats up with that ugly green underwear. Nast looking. s

Comment #4

ggzxvn29 said: i think this girl is fine! big tits are not for everyone though she would look more sexy with implants no question.

Comment #5

dodgerfan said: I wish they could have made the set up longer...16+ minutes wasn't nearly long enough. I prefer wasting at least 30 minutes of my life waiting to see something interesting.

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