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Teens Like It Big presents: Autumn Skye wins truth and dare and receives a huge cock as her prize

Scene Title: Truth Or Dick

Storyline: Autumn was over at her friends house when they decided to play Truth or Dare. For some reason, they were talking too loud and Criss had to come and tell them to calm down. All of a sudden he was caught in the game and more importantly caught in Autumn...

Teen: Autumn Skye

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What people are saying about: Autumn Skye - Truth Or Dick teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

love this chick - and she DOES look like Avril Lavigne in the old days. And since Avril never bares all, this is the next best thing and a great scene - bring her back for more - she is awesome. Why is there only one teens like it big scene with her and like 7 of all the skanky ones? BRING HER BACK!!!

Comment #2

I agree with a lot of what natali1russell said - she looked scared, the "can I see your face" by the cameraman didn't help, and I HATE how she looked at the camera all the time. Besides all that, I think she's super cute and even though I like small titties, I don't like non-existent titties. If she had a full B cup, she'd be gorgeous. Decent setup and I wouldn't mind seing Renae on here; she played a "teen" pretty well. You guys could have done without the stuffed animals in the beginning. Good camerawork for the missionary, good fucking too as the scene progressed.

Comment #3

OK. so this Criss guy is super sexy, Kind of at a loss for words sometimes but overall, awesome. As for Autumn. She is super cute, love the petite sized breasts, but she looked annoyed, grossed out. It probably didn't help that someone was briefly directing that he wanted to see more face....She looked at the camera too much and didn't seem to enjoy herself. I'm sure she can do better than this, maybe she was having a bad day.....Basically, she started great, but followed through terribly.

Comment #4

Alright Autumn it is time to change your name to Fall. That's where this scene ended up doing faster than the stock market. Nice cameo by Renae though. The setup was great with the whole truth or dare story. The follow through was horrible. If "teens LIKE it big" then what was she doing in this teens like it big scene. She wanted no part of Criss and his forearm size cock. Not only she not go buckwild, she didn't even take it all the way. The girls are getting paid alot more money than me and I expect them to get fuck good since they are getting some of my money too. 1 ugly dried up puss, Snoogans!

Comment #5

rolfe321 said what I just came here to say. this girl looks just like Avril Lavigne, complete with a fleur-de-lis tattoo on her leg. Avril is French-Canadian and the fleur-de-lis is the trademark emblem of Quebec. I also should say that using Criss as much as you do is not a bad thing. Ralph Long, Alex, and TJ Cummings are complete tools with no skill or size and make any scenes they're in completely unwatchable. Criss Strokes, Johnny Sins, and James Deen wreck shop on these girls and let the audience focus on the girl's reactions, which is why we come here. Complaints: -The best part of this seen was the cowgirl and it should have been emphasized more. The camera angle on the doggy was terrbile. For all we know, it wasn't even going inside. Next time have Criss do a standing doggy, where he stands over the girl on all fours and does hindu squats into her. At least we'd be able to see what's going on and it won't feel like something we can see on Cinemax. -Why would anyone give her the porn last name "Skye" when Brittney Skye already made that famous. Having Ryder Skye was bad enough, but now we have two posers. Autumn and Ryder would be fine without using Brittney's last name. Other porn stars like August and Belladonna showed that you don't even need to use a last name. -Also as BadStreet said, Gotta love the editing here- "Let me see your face" "30 more seconds and I'm ready" ... Just because you're using amateur girls, doesn't mean you should be using amateur editors too.

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