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Teens Like It Big presents: Teeny Bitch gets a badass poundage from a stepfathers big cock

Scene Title: Step Daddy Slut

Storyline: When Jordan's girlfriend is away on vacation, he'll have to set his authority on his big cock craving step daughter Eden. As she's ready to go out and get some big dick, he'll forbid her to go and offer his own cock as a consolation prize. What a generous guy!

Teen: Eden Adams

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What people are saying about: Eden Adams - Step Daddy Slut teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

robb201 said: God damn. This girl is cute, and the sex was great in this teens like it big scene. She loved the rough shit, and she had some good chemistry with Jordan. It was good to see her laugh at some of the lines he said or counter back with a funny response of her own. The scenario was pretty hot, the step father fucking the step daughter. The fact that they kept talking about the mother made it that much hotter. Teens Like It Big has stepped up big time with the last 4 scenes or so. 8/10.

Comment #2

sjones978013 said: ya'll are crazy, this bitch is bad! loved the screamin shit! she was into it big time!

Comment #3

morningtug said: I agree with sjones, ya'll are crazy. Eden was hot as hell in this scene. I'd bet money there was NO acting in there because she was REALLY loving that dick. The screaming was hot and genuine and sounded way better than a lot of those noises coming out of Priya Rai. I'm a big tit man, but Eden made me forget about her small ones in this. Nice Work!

Comment #4

MissSnoogans! said: Someone got edit happy during the making of this teens like it big scene. The best part about this scene was the mother bashing. Even if it was in small doses. The most annoying part of this scene was hearing Eden screeching with such a high pitch. Sometimes watching the teens fuck, you aren't sure if they even enjoying it. Well as many times as she smiled and laughed, it made me enjoy the scene even more. Thank goodness for doggy so my hearing got back to normal. Great job Eden and Jordan. Snoogans! mrbogins said: Good idea for a scene but the casting was horrible. He looks like he's in his mid-twenties, she looks like she's in her late-twenties. Don't you have any 40 year old guys that could play the part of "step-dad"?

Comment #5

tylersgv857 said: She doesn't really even look like a teen which kills it

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