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Teens Like It Big presents: Eva does a sweet number on the delivery boy huge shaft

Scene Title: My purity ring's for small cocks only

Storyline: Eva reminds her boyfriend one night of the purity ring that she got at the Bonas Brothers concert when he tries to get in her pants. Eva's boyfriend freaks out and storms off, bumping into the delivery boy and getting their supper all over the delivery boy. Eva offers the delivery boy a change of clothes from her father's closet. Eva than decides that the purity ring only applies to small cocks after finding out that the delivery boy's got a monster hiding underneath his wet jeans!

Teen: Eva Ellington

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What people are saying about: Eva Ellington - My purity ring's for small cocks only teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

this teens like it big scene would have been perfect if she talked more about big cock and how her boyfriend had a little one... She should have played that out in the whole scene otherwise it became just another porn scene. The sex was amazing and she looked amazing. Only disappointment came with not much footage of what looked like a great doggie position. Her ass was incredible...but sometimes not featured as much as it should have been. great TLIB however...nice!

Comment #2

I actually chuckled about the Bonas Bros. Keiran getting ran over was pretty funny too. I'm glad to see this chick back. She's got a rocking body and a gorgeous face. She's good with the oral skills and taking a pounding. Hey Keiran, thanks for taking the time for some prime pussy licking. She was about to return the favor for his pounding ways in reverse cowgirl. I think she was gonna wreck shop too but Keiran continued the assault. At least she got to ride him some in cowgirl and show off that cute little ass. I was hoping for some deep long strokes in doggy but I will settle for some fast short strokes. Damn those balls are always loaded up to delivery a good facial. Snoogans!

Comment #3

Good teens like it big scene. Two problems though, one, she moans and screams really weird, two, I think it's funny that she has the word "Porn" tattooed above her ass.

Comment #4

Oh My F'ckn God....she is GORGEOUS!! and back to old school teenslikeitbig scenes....YES! Love the measuring....thats classic!

Comment #5

I've been cheated on before and I can't remember the exact phrase I uttered as I found out...but I'm prety sure it's been a combo of those two... On to the pussy at hand, EVA looks smokin' hot! Sweet little piece of fuck meat. I've got the jergen's...bring on the scene.

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