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Teens Like It Big presents: Kylee Reese and Jamie Lamore in in search of bigger things... scene

Scene Title: In search of bigger things...

Storyline: Kacey's dad was sleeping so she told her boyfriend to sneak around back and come in. He thought the plan was nuts but when it worked and he was led to Kacey's room, he just had to tell her that his cock was very huge and she would be intimidated by it. Well he was right about the intimidation, but that didn't last long...She was all over that dick like she had never seen one...

Teen: Kylee Reese and Jamie Lamore

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What people are saying about: Kylee Reese and Jamie Lamore - In search of bigger things... teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

moerlind said: I just love these chicks. The blindfolds are great. Teens like it big is my favourite site and it just keeps getting better. And guys...if you ain't got nothing good to say, please keep a lid on it.

Comment #2

robb201 said: Brazzers, these "Like It Big" sites are starting to get really annoying. The obsession of the cock size causes the blow jobs to be really weak. Too much jaw jacking in the scenes on these sites. And this is just another scene with two girls who don't eat each others pussies? What the fuck? Do you know how to shoot a porn scene? It sure as hell doesn't look like it. As far as the two girls go, Kylee Reese is sexy and Jamie was a cutie with a pretty good ass. Keiran should have just stuck his cock in their mouths instead of having them lick it wihle being blindfolded. Overall, a very average scene. 6/10.

Comment #3

greatsamaman said: Love Keiran, the girls are cute, and the sex looks amazing ( gotta love a double-doggy-ass-stack, lol)...My only gripe is the story, if you can call it looks like no real thought was put into the setup at all. I will say I love the thought and sight of girls being blindfolded and having cocks shoved in their mouths. This should be a decent update next week, if only for the sex :D

Comment #4

rioman69 said: now this is what makes Brazzers the best! NICE

Comment #5

b3332 said: i like the blindfold. it turns them into anonymous little blonde fuck dolls. i like that the girls match. am i a bad person?

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