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Teens Like It Big presents: Marie McCray in the cheating test scene

Scene Title: The Cheating Test

Storyline: Lindsay knows Ralph cheats on her but has no way to prove it. She asks her best friend Marie to help her out by seducing Ralph so she can catch him. Marie tries to stick to the plan but when Ralph showed her his cock, she changed her mind. That cock was the biggest she had ever seen and she wanted it in her tight little pussy.

Teen: Marie McCray

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What people are saying about: Marie McCray - The Cheating Test teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

If someone in the porn industry could be naive this girl fits the bill. She certainly handled a prick like a pro both in his pants and out, and gave a good tease act before she got down to really eating him out. Too bad the stud gave up the chance to munch on a nice pair of tits, and a pretty pink live hole. She did a good job of taking a lot of his BIG cock and in the future will end up asking for more, deepe and harder. Prefer if the chicks look at the man, the cock and the action vs. looking into the camera.

Comment #2

Wasn't crazy about the girl, but she was decent looking. The sex was alright, but it needs to be rougher. Brazzer's do you know what rougher means? Doesn't seem like you do. Scenario was alright, but didn't execute that good. Overall, good, but not great. 7/10.

Comment #3

I think the Director asked her to look into the camera and I actually REALLY like the effect! Its almost as if she knows someone is watching her be naughty and she likes it. I really like this teens like it big scene. I'm surprised because I don't always rate scenes with RalphyBoy in them very high. "8" for the girls performance....not bad looking either...NiCE

Comment #4

If I've said it once then I will say it again. STOP STARING AT THE CAMERA! Unless she was in a gonzo or POV theme then just quit. Now to you Ralph, I have had your back for the longest time. What the fuck has happen to you lately? Have you forgot how to slam pussy. These chicks are suppose to feel pain. That's why you are on here with your big cock. Marie wouldn't have time to look at the camera if you made her holla. Her boobs are so firm looking and she is beautiful with those big eyes. Since Ralph fucked at a snails pace and Marie was a camera whore but I was glad the facial soaked her. I'm forced to give this 1 dried up puss, Snoogans!

Comment #5

wow can we get her to stop looking at the cam fuck... that shit is annoying besides can she get a tan or some shit? in all honesty how hard is it to go tanning once a week... its beach season ... the other chick id like to see not this milky white pos chick that can't stop looking at the cam.

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