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Teens Like It Big presents: Paris Gable got no insurance so fucks to get off the hook

Scene Title: No Insurance, No Mercy

Storyline: Paris Gable is fucked... She's responsible for a car accident and she doesn't have any insurance to cover Jordan's car's damage. She'll have to get it in the butt to get out of this one, and Jordan's big dick won't be easy to handle!!

Teen: Paris Gables

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What people are saying about: Paris Gables - No Insurance, No Mercy teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

robb201 said: This rough sex is fucking great. I'm loving it and it's even hotter to see it getting done to teens. Keep it coming. This was a good scene, although it doesn't top the Amber Rayne scene, but it's a close second. It seemed to be a little too rough for Paris at times, but it was still a good scene. Loved the scenario, but I don't think you needed to give her the "ditz" role. It should have just been her pleading for him to not take her to court because she didn't have insurance rather than acting like she never heard of it. Overall it was a decent teens like it big scene. 7/10.

Comment #2

e887b said: very hot. need more scenes like this. lighten up dudes. like the other post said... she could've stop anytime. im sure she knew the scene before they shot it. keep it up, very real looking girl and scenario

Comment #3

daviddag12 said: hell i thought her little tits where sexy , atleast they are real, as far as being rough so the fuck what , you guys act like she can't stop the scene anytime she wants , i enjoyed her sexy little body. only thing i didn't like was leaving that mini skirt on.

Comment #4

MissSnoogans! said: Yeah the last two words of this title fit. Paris Gables got gang raped by one man. Yeah that's an oxy moron but it fits. I was like damn the days of its so big or I can't handle that are over. As I watched this I was thinking Jordan forgot what site he was filming for. It's a damn shame the way she got abused that she can't get over a 7.5 rating. It's like in order to get rid of this site, you guys vote ones whether you watch it or not. I'm not pointing any fingers but it doesn't make sense. Snoogans!

Comment #5

Angelus4376 said: If the former HEATHER GABLES is anywhere NEAR her teens, I'm the newest and hottest director at "I've Got a Bridge I'd Like To Sell You" Pictures, Inc. She wasn't even a teen when she got in the business. But hey, like so many before her, if she can pass for one, more power to her, providing guys (and sometimes gals) with "teen" fantasies some solid stroke material. Porn's all about the smoke and mirrors, friends. Just look at how many "MILFs" we've got running around that aren't even PARIS' age yet and don't have a single child to speak of. Don't even get me started on the starlets who perform in ethnic movies without actually being that particular ethnicity.

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