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Teens Like It Big presents: Teeny Girl needs to fuck the waiters big dick to pass the final testS

Scene Title: Big Sausage

Storyline: Rachel never had a big cock so Nikki decided to bring her down to the local deli where she could try some different meats... Alec Knight was there as usual and Nikki knew he had a huge cock. She asked him to lay it out for Rachel. Boy oh Boy did Rachel not waste a second to get that huge cock in her little teen mouth...

Teen: Rachel Milan

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What people are saying about: Rachel Milan - Big Sausage teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

Not a bad teens like it big scene. Nikki Rhodes, the redhead, is insanely sexy. I fucking LOVE redheads. I'd have preferred to see her in action, but Rachel is cute, too. My one complaint would be that if it's supposed to be a "... Teen Like It Big" scene, maybe you should actually get a big dick for the scene. What's-his-face here isn't living up to expectations.

Comment #2

Wow. First off, I love Rachel's ass, I'm glad you brought her to Brazzers. The cow girl was fucking off the chain. I could watch that ass bounce for days. I hope it's not long before she decides to do anal. An ass like that is built for anal. I'm sure one day she'll decide to do it. But she does do creampies and squirts, and you didn't have her do either Brazzers!? WTF is up with you? I hope to see more of her in the near future. I thought Nikki looked fucking hot in that outfit, as well as Rachel did in hers. Nikki should have worn that in her solo scene for TLIB. She looked much sexier in this scene than she did in her solo scene. I knew Nikki wasn't going to participate in this scene for the simple fact that MaryJane already explained, but I think it would have been hot to see her get her pussy licked by Rachel while Alec was fucking her. This was the best fucking I've seen from Alec in a long time, but it still could have been better and rougher, and he still has a weak load too. The restaurant set was hot, I'd like to see a lot more restaurant scenes. Overall, 8/10.

Comment #3

If you look beside pornstars it does not say Nikki Rhodes, so not sure why anyone thought she would be fucking just cause she is in the insert picture. I can understand why this is rated low. Rachel just wouldn't shut the hell up. For my first time viewing this site. I thought the setup was pretty damn good. I liked how Nikki coached he through the cock sucking. I'm thinking the scene should have went more with the girls already at the table with the sausage in front of them. Nikki saying that reminds me of a huge cock I had the other night. Rachel saying OMG I don't think i could handle something that big. Nikki tells her if you wanna be part of the crew, you gotta fuck the owner and he's bigger than that sausage. Anyhoo Rachel didn't get buckwild like i wish she would. However what she lacked in boobs , she got in ass. Thanks for the cowgirl so I could see her phat ass bounce on that cock. Unfortunately though its 1 dried up puss, Snoogans!

Comment #4

the teens like it big scene itself was pretty hot. Just wished the girls would talk more about how small their bf's are compared to the guy and how much better they fuck then their bf's etc etc

Comment #5

im in luv with this new site !! every scene is amazing so far !.....rachel turned me on big here, luv those sweet lil titties and her nice round big ass. cant wait to see more of her......she gives an awesome BJ too. how any of u guys can diss this new site is beyond me.......

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