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Scene Title: All a girl really wants is… a big fat cock

Storyline: Amber is a spoiled brat; she complains about the most insignificant things and always likes to put the blame on anything or anyone other than herself. Today she has decided to make the butler’s (Billy) day hell. She complains about everything and gets him in trouble. In the end, Billy decides to give her the only thing spoiled sluts need when they can’t behave properly: a big fat cock

Teen: Amber Rayne

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What people are saying about: Amber Rayne - All a girl really wants is… a big fat cock teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

robertomalone said: What a filthy little fuck slut! By the way, I say that as a compliment. I saw Billy Glide with the beautiful Mariah Milano in their Doctor Adventures scene - a scene of hot, passionate and stylish sex; a scene which took porn out of the gutter. Here's Billy teamed up with Amber, and it's right back in it, and you know what? there's room for both kinds in this wonderful world. Amber is a skinny little anal whore from hell - and she's as cute as a button! She also acts better than any other babe I've yet seen on this site - she's brilliant as the spoilt brat giving her butler a hard time. This is torrid toilet sex at its most depraved - not to everyone's taste but it's brilliantly done. And we don't want porn to become too repectable, do we? This is a fantastic teens like it big scene, and seeing Billy's massive bludgeon ripping into the screaming Amber's stretched arse is a sight to behold. First Mariah, then Amber...he really is a lucky bastard.

Comment #2

stangodango said: Finally, Brazzer got an actress that can handle BG's enormously thick cock. This woman was hungry for some cock really bad. This was the most entertaining anal I have ever scene. That is good coming from me because I don't like anal. The only reason I watched this teens like it big scene was to see BG big cock and this chick did some amazing dick sucking. He must of really enjoyed that. I have to agree with others that there wasn't as much fucking as there was sucking in this scene. However, it was a damn good scene!

Comment #3

xxpaokxx said: Def need more crazy DIRTY girls like her...atttitude is just as sexy as looks can be...not that shes ugly, but I love her attitiude! More like her and less lame ass broads (even though they me be hot)

Comment #4

robb201 said: This teens like it big scene was fucking amazing. She played the rich spoiled brat so fucking good, it was perfect! Loved how she flipped out because her bacon was touching her eggs. The scenario was hot, although it really did feel like a BBLIB scene and not a TLIB scene. But I'm glad to see rough sex like this taking place on other sites, it's what you need. Especially for a BTAS or BTAW scene. She was loving the rough sex, infact she was roughing up herself. It was fucking hot. I laughed a couple times throguh this scene. It was great when Billy said "With this butler shit you have to wear a lot of clothes, it's ridiculous." I like how the bed moved and she, "You're going to have to move that back later I'll have you know." This was one of the best TLIB scenes you've ever shot. The only problem I had with it was it seemed like there was a lot of dick sucking and not as much sex. Either that's true or the fact that there was more dick sucking that usual it seemed like that because the sex kept stopping for dick sucking. Overall a great fucking scene though. I hope you get her on BBLIB ASAP because she's made for it! 8/10 only because there seemed to be less sex and more dick sucking. Overall, a really fucking hot scene though. Just wish the sex was longer.

Comment #5

Angelus4376 said: As good as Shyla Stylez, Rachel Starr, Audrey Bitoni, Sienna West, Nikki Benz, Lisa Ann, Mikayla and Carmella Bing all are, I don't want to see them every other damn day. Geez. It kills me when members ask for the same chicks (i.e. Gianna, Eve Laurence, etc) over and over and over. I swear, if the Brazzers staff acquiesed to these demands, those same people would grow tired of their so-called "favorites" and be begging for new girls just as emphatically. So give the "Where's Shyla, Gianna, Sienna, Carmella?" bullshit a fuckin' rest. Or if you're such a big fan, go join their official sites or something similar. I'll continue to enjoy the variety Brazzers provides and maybe I'll be lucky enough to see the NEXT big thing, not the same 'ol, same 'ol ad nauseum.

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