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Scene Title: Latina Beauty

Storyline: Johnny really wants to fuck his sister's friend, Veronique. He dreams and fantasizes about her all the time. Little does he know, Veronique is into big cocks and she suspects he has a big one. Today is Johnny's lucky day because Veronique is staying at his place and she wants to find out, once and for all, whether he has a big cock or not.

Teen: Veronique Vega

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What people are saying about: Veronique Vega - Latina Beauty teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

Frannyfox said: Excellent take on the American Beauty idea... How about doing an older man/younger woman shoot on "Hannibal the Anal-ble"..where the young female agent (Clarice Starling) sucks on "Hannibal" through the cell bars. etc., and does other things to him "quid pro quo" in order for Hannibal to help her solve her case.....

Comment #2

"asshole"! said: Gorgeous girl. All positions were great besides the reverse cowgirl simply because she is lacking curves. However, she is definitely pulls off the teen roll very well and her acting job was pretty exceptional. They both seemed to enjoy working with each other however i would have liked to have seen Johnny dominate her a bit more, he seemed very gentle.

Comment #3

B-Twin said: 1352 pix and the sex doesn't start until 0938. Then just some 60 pix of Veronique with a dick, not a single good wallpaper-type shot, no cum?! WTF is this, TeensLikeItBig or TeensLikeItAlone? Brazzers' photosets are complete tripe, no angles, no closeups, no selection, no aftertouch. No effort at all, just machine-gun shooting and straight to website. What a waste of pretty girl.

Comment #4

MissSnoogans! said: Awesome that ZZ did a parody of one of my favorite movies American Beauty. I'm not mad about you changing up the story either. I think Alec Knight would have been perfect for playing Lester Burnham but the Greek God will always do. Even while changing it up you stuck pretty close to the original script. The sex was a scorcher. I know something I haven't got a chance to notice in awhile from Veronique. She's very good at threesomes but damn I'd rather see her one on one. They had really good chemistry together. She was slurping up all that pussy juice. Everything was hot and that pussy must have been good for Johnny not to time that cumshot for a good facial. Her nipples would poke out an eye. Snoogans!

Comment #5

SoBig4Just1Girl said: Veronique is adorable! Looking forward to another one of her teens like it big scenes. Thanks.

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