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Scene Title: Desperate Times Call For Naughty Pleasures

Storyline: Hailey's friend Joann is facing some tough times because her parents just split up. As a way to help Joann take her mind off the situation, Hailey gives her some money and tells her to go shopping. Joann is still concerned about her dad being depressed, but Hailey is such a good friend she makes sure she takes extra care for her dad while she is out.

Teen: Hailey Young

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What people are saying about: Hailey Young - Desperate Times Call For Naughty Pleasures teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

JJamNeutron said: VERY VERY HOT!!! This teens like it big scene should be rated much much higher!!! The way she says "daddy" made my cock throb. Perfect little cutie for this scene. It wouldn't have worked with Shyla Stylez at all unless she still had her braces. But even then her tits are waaaay too big to play a teeny bopper. SWEET ASS SCENE!!! SAS!

Comment #2

piemaster3 said: If the video says Hailey Young, I'll have to download it. This vixen is so naturally hot that she doesn't even have to take her clothes of for your 'yankee doodle to stand up straight and show its a dandy' Even her voice is a turn on as strange as that might to you. ZZ you need to use her more often, she is worth it. Hailey, we migt as well call you, 'HER ROYAL HOTNESS'. Yes Hailey, you are all that and them some. Have fun!!!.

Comment #3

yunstud1 said: Hailey looks good, she does in all her scenes, instant hard on. I like the socks and sneakers, they add to the scene. Would have been nice to see some anal though, I give this one a 9/10 because there wasn't any anal. Other than that it's great!

Comment #4

mamasita said: Hey Hailey! I just wanted to tell you that I have seen many of your scenes...and no other girl takes facials as well as you do! That is a huge turn on! You are the best. I voted a "ten" here for you. All women need to learn from you! The world would be a better place!

Comment #5

haileyyoungxxx said: lol ive been waiting for the teens like it big scene to come out so I could watch it, i just did and it sure got me hot and bothered so I had to pull out my vibrator while watching and cum too, so yeah thought id leave a comment before bed;)

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