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Scene Title: The Final Countdown

Storyline: Nika held out on Ralph for three months but tonight was the night she decided it was gonna happen. She had Ralph sneak into her house unsuspected. Once inside , Nika got over the stories she heard of Ralph's huge cock and she finally saw it. She fucked him and sucked him off like a real champ...a teen champ.

Teen: Nika Noire

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What people are saying about: Nika Noire - The Final Countdown teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

This was actually a soft scene, intro was good, but not the best! Oral was to long, at the start, penetration was very late, to get started, and then the positions were soft, the best part was the doggy, cause she drops her head all the way down, keeping that booty up high. Overall, not a winner!

Comment #2

This was a damn good setup with Ralph sneaking in and Dick Nasty as the dad walking in with Nika having to cover him up. I'm with Robb20, the sensuality as they started made it more realistic and hot. She has a hot little body on her and I love the accent, plus she sucked a good dick. Her expressions as she was being penetrated were sexy and were genuine. Good ending too, lol

Comment #3

I actually love this setup. This girl is super naughty hot with her accent too. It was funny knowing her pop was that oblivious to not knowing someone was under the sheets. Also funny he heard her talking to someone but didn't hear her getting the pipe laid to her. Her lips are perfect for sucking cock. I really thought she would do regular cowgirl but when I saw that wasp sting on her in doggy. I knew why she didn't do cowgirl. That damn thing was huge. The girl took two shots to the eye and it never scared are away afterwards. I love the story between the two of them. I like how they went at it slow before he just whips his cock out. Nice touch and great teens like it big scene Brazzers. Hope to see Nika again. 2 erect nips, Snoogans?

Comment #4

Some of you motherfuckers need to get out more. This is one of the hottest scenes I've ever seen. How many chicks do you see walking around with DDs? Different fantasies (and strokes) for different folks and frankly I'm tired of seeing morons continuously asking for more and more anal and more and more outlandishly large tits. One of the tags says reality porn - and this as good a "teen discovery" flick as I've ever seen. Seriously can't you appreciate the playfulness and shyness as she discovers sex? She did a really good job of teasing the motherfucker, licking everywhere and not looking too sophisticated. In short appreciate this shit for what it is cuz alot of you guys have thousands of other scenes to jerk over ginormous tits.

Comment #5

Nika is a very cute girl, and the teens like it big scene was good. I've seen her get nastier in other scenes maybe the next one could be a little more hardcore, but not complaining, she has a great natural body and sexy face, great addition to the site.

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