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Scene Title: Czech out my sister!

Storyline: ohnny Sins' college buddy is lending him his flat in Prague for a little vacation. Turns out his friend's sister Nataly will be living with him for his short stay... and she'll be wanting to taste that big American cock!

Teen: Nataly

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What people are saying about: Nataly - Czech out my sister! teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

mikeh50 said: You missed the first part of the cumm shot camera guy,nobody is interested in the guys facial expresion before he cumms,the result is a blown cumm shot you morron.That being said,the chick was hot,you need more of her.

Comment #2

BiV_aka_funkdoc said: I usually don't watch the scenes from teens like it big, but I had to get involved with this one because not only is this girl gorgeous, but FINALLY a girl on this site with some tits. MJ said her titties look like Amy Reid's, I think her face looks like Amy. I love the fact she couldn't speak English, makes her hotter imo. The sex was okay, but I guess he couldn't really pound away on her because of her tightness. Still, it was nice to see a girl on this site with some titties, who is also very hot as well.

Comment #3

MissSnoogans! said: This chick has those perky naturals like Amy Reid. She was almost like a smaller version of the real thing. Since the girls don't speak much English, you can't attack the story. I think you guys are doing good scenes considering all the possible problems you could have. I wish the sex wasn't in the bathroom on those rocks. I don't think we got the best out of Johnny because he didn't want the poor girl to be digging rocks out of her body. Those are the cumshots I miss. I mean she took several shots to the eye and kept going like a true pro. I've said it before back during Bustyz and Busty & Real that these Euro chicks are down for the cause. Snoogans!

Comment #4

AfrOne_II said: MMM, MMm, mmm! Another gorgeous, natural, eastern European hottie with a dick-hardening accent. Simple yet sexy set-up. Good sex throughout the teens like it big scene and an apparent, girl-induced facial at the end. As it's been said before, "Well done Brazzers!"

Comment #5

cubssuckdick said: i think the accent is hot. she is one of the hottest ive seen on this site. if you want a good laugh, look up all the porn stars and go to the lowest rated page.

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