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Teens Like It Big presents: Amia Miley in suck this for an apology! scene

Scene Title: Suck This For An Apology!

Storyline: Amia Miley is a rich teenage snob enjoying all the joys of life because of her rich Daddy. Being the little snob that she is she spends the day poking fun at the smelly hard working Gardner, until he pulls her the finger. Amia freaks out because nobody pulls her the finger, especially someone who is poor and smelly. So to prove how much better of a person she is she tries getting him fired by her father until he shows her what makes him a bigger person.

Teen: Amia Miley

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What people are saying about: Amia Miley - Suck This For An Apology! teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

lifting said: This girl sucks and not in a good way. Until the last scene she just laid there and let him do all the work. Even then she was laying on top of him. Dead fish and she was bone dry during the whole teens like it big scene. I was waiting for the dust cloud to shoot out of her twat. It actually looked painful for him. So in summation we have a dry, lazy dead fish who couldn't suck water through a straw. Cann this broad, Brazzers!

Comment #2

mindflayer75 said: She was supposed to act like an ignorant and spoiled rich chick. Yes, the 'mexican' comments are offensive, but it was supposed to be. She played her role perfectly. Was there ever a time when there was a really hot racist bitch you just want to grudge fuck? This is was this scene was portraying. :-)

Comment #3

akille2es said: This teens like it big scene hit close to home for me being a white guy who looks Mexican it pisses me of when assholes speak to me in Spanish and give me dirty looks when I "no habla espanol" but fuck all that shit its just porn. But if I was this prick I would have been super fucking rough with this bitch. Holla back marijuana.

Comment #4

MissSnoogans said: Damn this story was offensive. I'm not even close to being a Mexican and I thought this was so wrong. If anyone that wants to make the argument that it's said by comedians, TV shows, or in movies. That might be all true. This is a different kind of entertainment. It's all about a fun, sexy, or even interesting fantasy to masturbate too. I'm not gonna harp on it. I've said my piece. This is one chick that could easily pass for being a cover model and not to smut either. The camera was good at times and plenty bad. Too close to her body during the phone conversation and confrontation with Scott. I really thought Scott was gonna bring the WMD on her bony ass for confusing him with a Mexican. He just went through the motions like another day on set. Anyways it's nice to see a young chick that can ride cock like that. Camera spent too much time on her face during doggy. Now I did like the view of the cumshot though. Snoogans!

Comment #5

LBoogie said: 9 out of 10! From the minute she appeared, a lot of thoughts came into my head, so an auto pass for this one, the action on the other hand was not to great, but not bad either, the spoon was a little extended, that could have been shorter, next the cowgirl would have been nice, if the cameraman would have left Scott's crack out of the picture, the reverse cowgirl changed the whole tempo for this one, taking it over the top! Solid update!

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