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Teens Like It Big presents: Lexi Belle fucks her boyfriends brother big hard dick

Scene Title: The BIG Secret

Storyline: Lexi went in the bathroom and saw her boyfriend's brother, Criss, coming out of the shower. Seeing Criss' huge cock made her so horny, that she just wanted to fuck it!! Criss didn't mind fucking the shit out of this sexy little bitch and cumming all over her beautiful teen face and tits.

Teen: Lexi Belle

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What people are saying about: Lexi Belle - The BIG Secret teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

Little Lexi is always so pretty, like she waits until she's at the peak of fertility to make movies. In this movie especially, she is so very, very receptive to the absolutely gorgeous penis, so absolutely ready to make her girl thing feel good. It's no wonder he kind of "messed up" the ending. Watch the video closely. There's no doubt at all that at least twice his big beautiful penis got a bit too excited, pumping some of that warm creamy sperm deep inside her! Love It!

Comment #2

This was the best scene I've watched thusfar from teens like it big. The setup was lame, but Lexi is cute and she has a really nice body. Robb201, how can you say she has no ass? That shit was jiggling like jello with the cowgirl and while Criss had her standing up! This girl knows how to use those hips, damn. I'd like to see her again.

Comment #3

I don't know, this chick's body is alright, not much ass, but she has a nice natural rack. However, she looks like a rabbit with those teeth. Not a fan of the short hair either. I don't think Criss was the right guy for the scene, I think the sex should have occured in his room rather than in the bathroom, or start in the bathroom and then move into the bedroom. I think this was jusst a slightly editing scenario fros Missy Stone's scene. Could have been better. Wasn't impressed by the sex, Criss can't get his money shot straight yet. I'd like to see someone else for awhile, I'm so sick of Criss. Overall, 7/10.

Comment #4

good teens like it big scene... and she actually has some decent tits unlike most of the girls on this new site. don't get me wrong, they don't all have to have huge boobs (case in point with Lexi) all I'm asking is that they aren't flat chested. (I've got the other sites to get my big boob fix) oh, and that grinding she was doing was HOT

Comment #5

edster everyones free to comment but you got no clue dude. this is the only site on brazzers devoted to younger girls whereas for ur so called "cheating wives with actual bodies" you have mommy got boobs, milfs like it big, pornstars like it big and so on etc etc etc etc etc if you prefer that then go there and stop moaning ok cos no one knows what u want if you cant find it in any of the other sites. stop insulting these girls on Teenslikeitbig. Lexi I love you !!

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